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Daniel Deronda
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Production Notes
Locations, music, behind-the-scenes

Daniel Deronda's location manager, Adam Browne, scoured the United Kingdom to find the perfect settings to realize George Eliot's masterpiece... Music segments were composed by accomplished television music composer Rob Lane... Step behind-the-scenes...

Jews in 19th-Century England
By Producer Louis Marks

By the mid-19th century, this mixed population of Jews, widely differentiated in terms of social status, education, and aspirations, had formed themselves into coherent communities which expressed themselves strongly in terms of education, charity, and religious practice. They also saw their future largely as playing an increasing role in English life while clinging to their identity as Jews. However, sensitive to popular sentiment, they generally strove to keep a low profile, fearful of drawing too much attention to themselves.

Ahead of her time: George Eliot
Her provocative life

... Described by some as "plain" -- Evans characterized herself as "a withered cabbage in a flower garden" -- she nonetheless charmed people with her expressive face, beautiful voice, and sharp intellect. She found her physical and mental match in George Henry Lewes, a critic, philosopher, and actor, whom friends referred to alternatively as "Ape" and "the ugliest man in London." The two moved quickly from colleagues to friends to live-in lovers. Though Lewes was married with children, he and his wife, Agnes, were believers in "free love..."

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