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Daniel Deronda
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Teaching Daniel Deronda [imagemap with 8 links]

Resources for Teachers and Students

In addition to the general links and bibliography on this site, the following resources are recommended for teaching Daniel Deronda (or other works by George Eliot).

Web Sites

Film in the Classroom
These online articles from California English, Spring 2000, discuss why and how to incorporate film into the literature classroom:

For information specific to George Eliot and Middlemarch, see Teaching Middlemarch the online companion to the PBS film

Criticism in the Classroom
The following critical reviews may be interesting for students to read and compare. Well-known fiction writer Jeanette Winterson's critical Daniel Deronda review elicited counter-criticism by Andrew Davies, the film's adapter. Teachers may also want to show students an 1873 review of Eliot's novel Middlemarch, as a sample review from the Victorian era.

How relevant are the heroines of Dr. Zhivago and Daniel Deronda today? by Jeanette Winterson.
A review of the film Daniel Deronda published after its airing in the UK. Useful for both students and teachers, as a starting point for student reviews of the film or in conjunction with After Viewing Question #4.

Davies Defends TV Adaptations by Jason Deans.
A summary of Andrew Davies's counter-criticism of Jeanette Winterson's article above. Reading and comparing these reviews might be a worthwhile classroom exercise.

Middlemarch, by George Eliot (1873) by Arthur George Sedgwick


Historical Context
Cowen, Anne and Roger. Victorian Jews through British Eyes. London: Oxford University Press, 1986.
    Presents historical images from Victorian magazines that depict how Jews were presented by the English in 1840-1900. Also provides commentary on the social history of Victorian Jews.
Laski, Marghanita. George Eliot and Her World. Great Britain: Thames and Hudson, 1973.
    Offers a glimpse into Eliot's Victorian world through many black and white period illustrations. Introduces Eliot's surroundings, her family, and her inner circle of friends.

Biographical and Critical Essays
Levine, George, ed. The Cambridge Companion to George Eliot. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.
    A collection of essays on the life and work of George Eliot, including an essay by Barry Qualls on Eliot and religion that provides useful context when studying Daniel Deronda.
Neale, Catherine. George Eliot: Middlemarch. London: Penguin Books, 1989.
    A concise yet informative study that places Middlemarch and George Eliot in historical and critical context. Presents central themes, characters, and images in George Eliot's often-taught and critically acclaimed novel.
David, Deirdre. Fictions of Resolution in Three Victorian Novels: North and South; Our Mutual Friend; Daniel Deronda. New York: Columbia University Press, 1981.
    Explores the themes, social messages, and metaphors in three Victorian novels written by Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot. Devotes several chapters to Daniel Deronda.

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