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Daniel Deronda
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An Online Teaching Supplement for Daniel Deronda

Teaching Daniel Deronda

Both in her writing and in her life, George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) was unconventional. In contrast to the Victorian norms for women, she worked in the public sphere, supporting herself as an editor, then as a writer, with great success (she adopted a male name as a pseudonym). She also moved in with a married man, defying her Christian upbringing and the strict social conventions of her time. And in her last novel, Daniel Deronda, she ventured into uncharted territory by leading her main character, Daniel, to explore and embrace his identity, religion, and culture as a Jew.

Eliot's novels -- such as Daniel Deronda and Middlemarch -- raise profoundly moral questions. The questions that apply to her characters in Victorian England are still relevant to students today. Using Daniel Deronda in the classroom provides an opportunity for students to enjoy a story of epic proportions that translates well into film, while examining its characters and themes. Through Daniel Deronda, students can explore the societal norms and prejudices of Eliot's time, and by comparison, delve more deeply into their own. You may find this online teaching supplement useful when teaching Daniel Deronda, Middlemarch, or other works by George Eliot.

This online teaching supplement features:

Before Viewing Questions

After Viewing Questions

Classroom Activities and Investigations
(for Daniel Deronda alone or paired with Middlemarch)

Suggested Resources for Teachers and Students

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