Daniel Deronda: Who's Who

Lydia Glasher Lydia Glasher
played by Greta Scacchi

Grandcourt's embittered former mistress and mother of his children. Lydia's haunting presence casts a shadow over Gwendolen's marriage.

Greta Scacchi has had a prolific international film career, having made films in Europe, America and Australia. She was born Greta Gracco and was raised in Italy, London and Australia.

Scacchi starred with Harrison Ford in the crime thriller Presumed Innocent and with Tim Robbins in the Hollywood satire The Player (as a character called June Gudmundsdottir). Her role as the manipulated Tsarina Alexandra opposite Alan Rickman's mad monk in the 1996 TV movie Rasputin earned Scacchi both an Emmy award and a Golden Globe nomination. She's no stranger to costume drama having starred in the Jane Austen adaptation Emma with Gywneth Paltrow and in the Merchant Ivory production Cotton Mary.