Daniel Deronda: Who's Who

Sir Hugo Mallinger Sir Hugo Mallinger
played by Edward Fox

Grandcourt's uncle, Sir Hugo is Daniel's adoptive father. He provides the only emotional stability in Daniel's life.

An actor since the early sixties, Edward Fox has had an extraordinarily varied and lengthy career in television and film. From A Bridge Too Far (1977) to Gandhi (1982), from 1980's television mini-series Edward & Mrs. Simpson to 1995's A Month by the Lake, Fox has carved a place in acting history. He played an assassin on the trail of President De Gaulle in 1973 film The Day of the Jackal, adapted from the novel by Frederick Forsythe. He appeared as the dignified butler Lane in 2002 film The Importance of Being Earnest, a frenzied re-interpretation of Oscar Wilde's play also starring Colin Firth and Rupert Everett.

Fox is part of an acting dynasty to rival the Redgraves: his younger brother is actor James Fox, who has also had a long screen career including 1963 film The Servant with Dirk Bogarde. Their mother was an actress and they have been followed into the profession by Edward's daughter Emilia (The Pianist and Masterpiece Theatre's Rebecca, Shooting the Past, David Copperfield) and James's son Laurence (Gosford Park).

Born in London, Fox and his partner, actress Joanna David (Masterpiece's The Forsyte Saga, The Way We Live Now, Lillie, The Duchess of Duke Street) have been together for over 30 years.