Daniel Deronda: Who's Who

The Meyrick family

Friends of Daniel's, the Meyricks welcome the desperate and destitute Mirah to their home...

Mrs. Meyrick
played by Celia Imrie

An accomplished actress, Celia Imrie is known for her comic timing and sympathetic performances. Celia appeared as Edina's arch enemy, the competitive PR woman Claudia Bing in Absolutely Fabulous, she starred as Lady Gertrude Groan in the BBC's lavish production of the fantasy drama Gormenghast, and as Fighter Pilot Bravo 5 in Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace and she was memorable as the gravy-obsessed Una Alconbury in Bridget Jones's Diary. Imrie's Masterpiece Theatre credits include Love in a Cold Climate (2000) and the upcoming Zhivago.

Hans Meyrick
played by Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber is a London native whose appearances in several Horatio Hornblower TV films (alongside fellow heartthrob Ioan Gruffudd) has spawned a plethora of Web sites devoted to "the worship of Archie Kennedy (his Hornblower alter ego) and his earthly incarnation".

One of seven children, Bamber (real name: Jamie St John Bamber Griffith) graduated from the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. Educated at St Paul's School in London, he continued his education at St John's College, Cambridge, receiving an honors degree in French and Italian.

Bamber has also appeared in HBO's Band of Brothers.

Meyrick daughters Kate, Mab and Phoebe
played by Kate Maberly, Lisa Jackson and Serena Martin