The Tales of Charles Dickens

Explore the work and world of Charles Dickens with these website links and bibliography.

Charles Dickens — General

A Charles Dickens Journal
This site provides an exploration of Dickens's life presented as a year-by-year biography starting in 1812 and concluding in 1870.

Charles Dickens
This vast array of Dickens-related material — regarding his life, family, work, homes, and more-was compiled by a Finnish Dickens enthusiast (text is in English).

Charles Dickens — Gad's Hill Place
This eclectic website provides information about Dickens's home, Gad's Hill, as well as quotes, biographical information, games, online texts and more.

The Charles Dickens Museum
London's Charles Dickens Museum is the only surviving London home of Dickens and was opened as a museum in 1925. The Museum houses a large collection of Dickens-related items.

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page
Compiled by a Dickens enthusiast, this site includes illustrations, maps, a timeline, a glossary, extensive website links and information about Dickens's work and his travels to America.

This PBS site is a companion to a three-part documentary series about the life and career of Dickens. It provides scholarly essays about the author, lets you test your knowledge of Dickens and explore London.

Charles Dickens — Associations and Groups

The Dickens Fellowship
The Dickens Fellowship is a worldwide association of people who have an interest in the life and works of Dickens. Find details on local chapters, the annual conference, and the organization's journal, The Dickensian.

The Dickens Project
The Dickens Project of University of California, Santa Cruz, is a scholarly consortium devoted to promoting the study and enjoyment of the life, times and work of Dickens.

The Dickens Project offers an annual High School Student Scholarship Essay Contest. Two high school students and their teachers can win a scholarship to study Dickens at The Dickens Universe, a conference of scholars and the general public, hosted each summer by the University of California, Santa Cruz. Students enter the contest by submitting an essay on a specific topic. The winning essays are published on The Dickens Project website and circulated at The Dickens Universe. The deadline for this year's contest is March 18, 2009.

Historical Perspective

An Introduction to Social Policy: British Social Policy, 1601-1948
This site contains a comprehensive chronicle of the British Poor Laws, starting with the Elizabethan Poor Laws of 1601 and continuing on through modern social policies of the 1940s.

Our Mutual Friend: The Victorian Poorhouse
This is an informative essay on the Victorian poorhouse, written by Sandra Spencer of the University of North Texas.

The Peel Web
Maintained by Dr. Marjorie Bloy, this site is a useful resource for researching the historical context of Dickens's novels. It contains many primary documents that are relevant to Dickens's political interests — specifically, a topic page that focuses on the Poor Law of 1834.

The Victorian Web
The Victorian Web's Dickens page that offers essays and commentary about diverse topics related to Dickens's work (e.g., gender, economic contexts, science, imagery, themes, and characterization).

The Literary Works of Charles Dickens

Conservation of Charles Dickens' Manuscripts
This site details the restoration of a collection of Dickens manuscripts by London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The restoration project covers 33 years of Dickens's writing.

Discovering Dickens: A Community Reading Project
This Stanford University-sponsored site shares special PDF editions of Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations, along with extensive maps, illustrations and glossary information.

Project Gutenberg
This site includes online texts of many of Dickens's works.

Salon: "Portrait of the Artist as a Minor Character"
From the archives, this is an excerpt of critic David Gates's introduction to the Modern Library's edition of David Copperfield.

University of Virginia Library: Electronic Text Center
The Modern English Collection of manuscripts contains e-text versions of most of Dickens's novels, including original illustrations.


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