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New loves, new secrets, new Downton! Season 5 of the international hit series from writer and creator Julian Fellowes returns to MASTERPIECE on PBS January 4, 2015. Immerse yourself in Season 5, and explore exclusive features, cast interviews and more from all the seasons.

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Maggie Smith Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Downton Abbey icon!

Season 5 Slideshow
Get your first glimpse at new images from next season of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey Bachelors Quiz
Which eligible man is right for you? Find out!

Lady Carnarvon Takes Fan Questions
Highclere Castle's famous resident answers your questions about life in the Castle.

Quiz: Which Downton Abbey Couple Are You?
Find out which iconic couple best reflects your relationship in this Masterpiece quiz.

Which Downton job is right for you?
Find out where you'd fit in at Downton Abbey in this quiz.

Season 4 Characters
Find video, bios, slideshows and more on the characters/actors of Season 4, then discuss with fellow fans.

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Praise for Downton Abbey

"An instant classic."
The New York Times

"Compulsively watchable from the get-go."

"Impossible to resist."
Wall Street Journal

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