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Matthew - at 0

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Sir Richard - at 0

Carson - at 0

Bates - at 0

Vera Bates - at 0

Thomas - at 0

William - at 0

Branson - at 0

Molesley - at 0

Andrew Lang - at 0

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Matthew Crawley

  • Ever the imperious matriarch, Violet, the mother of Robert, Earl of Grantham, does not believe that war can be won without sacrifice. While still proud, loyal to her son and immensely insufferable to individuals who stand in her way, she does not cease to surprise those around her with her sometimes meddling, but often wise, counsel.

  • Robert, Earl of Grantham, is devoted to preserving Downton Abbey and shepherding it into the future. He is married to Cora, is father to Mary, Edith and Sybil, and enjoys a father-son relationship with Downton's heir, Matthew Crawley. Eager to participate in the war effort, Robert is adrift in his symbolic but diminished role.

  • Cora was once Downton Abbey's savior when she brought her desperately needed inheritance to the financially troubled estate. Now, she is called on to play another vital role at Downton Abbey. But while she helps care for the hundreds of wounded soldiers in her home, will she be able to care for her husband and daughters?

  • The eldest of the Crawley daughters, the icily beautiful Mary has mellowed somewhat in the aftermath of a terrible secret and the heartbreak of her broken engagement with Downton Abbey's heir, Matthew Crawley. As war brings change, so too does her new suitor, the powerful self-made newspaperman, Sir Richard Carlisle.

  • For Edith, the quintessential middle child, life has always felt unfair, as her beautiful elder sister's interests are constantly placed above her own. But after a devastating game of brinkmanship with Mary in season 1 has closed one door, it appears that war and its consequences may open another.

  • Impulsive and impassioned, the youngest Crawley daughter, Lady Sybil, is struggling to emerge from her sheltered life and make herself useful during the war. Training as a nurse, she feels purposeful and liberated. But her unconventional choices, in some cases a source of family pride, may become a source of shame.

  • Lady Rosamund is Robert's only sibling. Like her mother, Violet, she feels it her duty to speak her mind on every possible occasion. Her interference in Mary's relationship with Matthew and her poor advice had a disastrous result. Despite the hardships of the war, she remains unchanged: she is still determined to have her say.

  • A middle class Manchester attorney whose life was overturned when he was named heir to Downton Abbey, Matthew has finally adjusted to his role. Now an officer on the front, he has new and dire challenges and a hopeful future awaiting him should he survive the war.

  • A trained nurse and the widow and daughter of doctors, Matthew's mother, Isobel, considers herself a perfect fit to help Downton to adapt in its conversion to a convalescent home. But her habit of embracing responsibilities and overzealously giving orders creates a power struggle over the running of Downton Abbey.

  • Lavinia, Matthew's fiancée, is the daughter of a successful and wealthy London solicitor. Essentially a London girl, Lavinia feels out of place as the future mistress of a large country home, but loves Matthew fiercely and would do whatever it takes to make him happy.

  • A rich, powerful and ruthless newspaper tycoon, Richard Carlisle belongs to the new society. He is in the enviable position of courting Mary, who represents a world of which he feels entitled to be a part. But while he is happy to let Mary think she can control him, she is quite mistaken.

  • Carson, the butler of a great estate diminished in staff and resources during wartime, is nevertheless determined to keep up his rigorous standards. He is endlessly nostalgic for the old order, traditional to a fault, and loyal and devoted to both the family and its way of life.

  • As Lord Grantham's batman in the Boer War, John Bates survived a devastating war wound that left him lame. As Robert's valet at Downton, he survived a vicious campaign to drive him away. But he faces the hardest fight of his life when his bitter wife, Vera, reappears, determined to deprive him of his true love, Anna.

  • Bates's estranged wife and childhood sweetheart has resurfaced to claim her husband. Years ago, she stole his freedom when, guilty over his drinking, he went to prison for her theft. But the greater prison for Bates is the marriage to a bitter and vindictive woman who will stop at nothing to prevent his happiness.

  • A scheming footman, both vicious and ambitious, Thomas thought himself clever for joining the medical corps before he could be fired from Downton Abbey. But after two years in the trenches, the cunning and nasty Thomas has greater challenges than framing Bates for theft back at Downton Abbey: namely, survival.

  • Downton Abbey's second footman William still carries a torch for the kitchen maid, Daisy. But two years into the war, still forbidden by his father to enlist, he wants only one thing more than a life with Daisy: to prove that he isn't a coward by serving king and country.

  • Robert's Irish republican chauffeur Branson is a man of contradictions. He harbors a hatred for the British Empire and its establishment, and a love for a young woman whose family represents that very thing he seeks to destroy.

  • Now that Matthew is fighting in the war, his diffident valet and butler, Molesley, is largely unoccupied — that is, until an opportunity arises to secure the most prestigious job around. What's more, it would put him in closer proximity to the object of his affection, Anna. Does he dare to dream?

  • Robert's new valet was invalided out of the war, his reasons concealed from Carson and Robert when he was hired. But there is one resident in the house who sees his suffering and, in a surprising departure from character, understands it only too well.

  • Downton Abbey's pragmatic housekeeper Mrs. Hughes faces new challenges running the house and convalescent home with a diminished staff. What's more, with changes brought by the war, she finds herself departing from Carson's traditional hard line, revealing the compassion that lies in her unsentimental, but decent, heart.

  • Sarah O'Brien, the scheming, often nasty lady's maid to Lady Grantham, never wastes an opportunity to act on any information she can exploit to further herself, the house, or those who have her loyalty, such as her mistress, Cora, and former footman, Thomas.

  • Genuine, kind, and strong-willed, head housemaid Anna has made her choice of Mr. Bates and nothing will alter that. But loyalty and love do not ensure that their path will be smooth...especially when Bates's estranged wife, Vera, resurfaces.

  • Bright, attractive and ambitious, Ethel Parks is not content to remain an under housemaid, even in her new position in a far more prestigious house than her previous one. With an eye on the future, Ethel sees opportunity (while others see potential trouble) when the wounded officers arrive at Downton.

  • The highly-strung and quick-tempered cook Mrs. Patmore suffers from more than food rationing during the war. A personal loss renders her meddlesome and tenacious in her belief that soldiers should not be denied hope, whatever the cost.

  • Downton's kitchen maid Daisy is still at the bottom of the heap, at the beck and call of Mrs. Patmore. But when the shadows of war reach downstairs, Mrs. Patmore is determined to school Daisy in more than just the art of cooking. Daisy has inspired love, and the pressure of it, compounded by the war, may just break her.

  • Richard Clarkson is a country doctor, occupying that slightly uncomfortable tier somewhere between the Crawley family and the village. With the transformation of Downton Abbey into a convalescent home, his position is even more awkward than ever, as he struggles to answer to both the British Army and the Dowager Countess.

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