Bachelors of Highbury Quiz
  • At a party, you run into a blind date you'd rather forget. You:


  • A typical Sunday morning will find you:


  • When it comes to money, you:


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  • For a dinner date, you'd choose:


  • You're most likely to get around by:


  • You're at a wedding where you don't know anyone. You:


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  • At a newsstand, you're most likely to reach for:


  • It's your favorite cousin's birthday. You:


  • A friend cancels plans at the last minute. You:


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  • To while away a rainy day, you'd play:


  • Your journal contains:


  • Your favorite reality show is:


It's a tie — you've selected more than one man!

Aren't you the fickle one? Perhaps Emma should have made a match for you (she's quite accurate!).

Let's try this again and see if we can't make a love connection.

Your dream house would have:


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