Filth Mary Whitehouse

Find out more about Mary Whitehouse, the real-life crusader at the center of Filth with these website links.

The Work of Mary Whitehouse

Formerly the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association founded by Whitehouse in 1965, Mediawatch-UK continues the work of Whitehouse in "campaigning for decency and accountability in the media."

Mediwatch-UK Director John C. Beyer on Mary Whitehouse
Beyer pays tribute to the woman he worked alongside for 18 years in this article from London's The Times.

The Death of Mary Whitehouse

Mary Whitehouse Obituary
London's The Guardian on Whitehouse's 2001 death.

BBC News on Mary Whitehouse's Death
The BBC reports on the passing of Mary Whitehouse. Also included are links to audio interviews with British television executive Michael Grade, who often appeared at debates with Whitehouse, and Lord Rees Moog, the first chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Council in the UK.

Filth: The Film

Julie Walters on Mary Whitehouse
In this video interview with BBC Breakfast, the Filth star reflects on the idealistic qualities of Whitehouse, the positive effects of her campaign, and what she might have thought of Filth.

The Legacy of Mary Whitehouse

Mary Whitehouse: More Crusader or Spoilsport?
In this 2001 article from the BBC, the media organization frequently under Whitehouse's scrutiny, considers her efforts.

BBC Radio on Whitehouse's Lasting Legacy
This 2004 radio discussion features Sheila McClennon talking to writer A.L. Kennedy and journalist Mary Kenny, who met Whitehouse several times.

Mary Whitehouse — 40 Years Later
Conservative British politician Ann Widdecombe and writer/actor Steve Punt discussed Whitehouse's work in this BBC Radio interview.

The Telegraph Interview with Richard Whitehouse
One son of Mary Whitehouse remembers life with his mother before and after her moral crusade.

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