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The Best of Masterpiece Theatre
updated 05.21.2007

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Watching The Best of Masterpiece Theatre was a treat! It brought back many fond memories. When I was a teenager, I watched the Poldark series with my family. It always ended with a cliffhanger and we couldn't wait for the next episode. At 19, I went to Hawaii with girlfriends for a few weeks. I didn't want to miss an episode. (This was pre-TiVo!) I finally found a station that carried Masterpiece Theatre, but I could only get the audio; the picture was all snow. I sat there, all by myself, and listened to Ross and Demelza through all the fuzzy snow. It was no sacrifice at all!

Kelli Fraga
Windsor, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I've recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the archival Poldark series (Masterpiece Theatre, 1976-78). I was thirteen years old at that time and fell in love with the story then, and all over again now at the age of 41. I've been looking for Poldark for years, and found it at my local library. I was so excited! I am truly enjoying watching it. I love Ross and Demelza the most, but I also love watching the love story between Verity and Captain Blamey, as well as the funny moments with Jud and Prudie Paynter. I recently missed The Best of Masterpiece Theatre in my area and am now anticipating the re-broadcast. I am very curious to know if Poldark was nominated. If so, how did it rank, what are the actors are doing today and were they interviewed for the special?

Tammie Arebalo
Norfolk, VA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I enjoyed seeing what titles made the list during The Best of Masterpiece Theatre. I wasn't familiar with the older titles. I wish Russell Baker had been included to offer his thoughts about his time as host. My only complaint is that it was pledge week and the periodic interruptions were annoying.

Elisa B.
Frederick, MD

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The Best of Masterpiece Theatre was very, very disappointing. Your choices were strange (Reckless? Wives and Daughters?) and the interviews very badly done. I wanted to hear what the performers had to say about the productions they were in, not about other Masterpiece Theatre productions. I would have also preferred fewer clips and more interview time: Gina McKee was given a minute, Charles Dance perhaps two minutes.

Francine Kirsch
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Some of the early Masterpiece Theatre productions will always remain among my favorites. The First Churchills with the radiant Susan Hampshire, and Poldark with an outstanding cast. Margaret Tyzack was always a hit when she appeared. I hope to see them all.

Ann Moore
Hampton, VA

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