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Love in a Cold Climate

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Love in a Cold Climate
updated 3.6.2002

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was so disappointed to have Love in a Cold Climate end. I wanted the story to go on and on! All the Masterpiece series are such a cut above American TV. I'm especially interested in anything relating to World War II and was wondering if there are any plans to air The 1940's House, a series that was on British TV. I have visited England several times and each time I see a series like this I want to go back.

Jeanne Kubik
Stratford, CT

Masterpiece Theatre has no plans to air The 1940s House, a program which combines documentary filmmaking and reality TV to explore how people lived during a different era.

PBS aired The 1900 House in 2000 and will be following the lives of three families as they experience life as it was on the American Frontier in the 1880s on the series Frontier House. Watch for it beginning in April of 2002.

Check with your local station for scheduling specifics.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
While the new Love in a Cold Climate was good, and had some of my favorite people in it, it did not in ANY way live up to the 1982 version in six parts which left in all of the story, all of the characters, all of the atmosphere, and had a much finer rendition of Fabrice Sauveterre. Please bring back that version, or at least make it available on video to purchase. I'm guessing many more people than *one* have been longing for 20 years to see it again!

Jan Lund
Omaha, NE

Our rights to air the 1982 version of Love in a Cold Climate, produced in England by Thames Television, expired that same year. It is apparently not currently available on video.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
So why is Masterpiece Theatre doing a new version of Love in a Cold Climate when they did a perfectly good one 20 years ago which is rotting in their storage rooms like so many other past productions, not only of MPT, but Mystery!. Why do they make available videos of the awful Cadfael when they've have never released She Fell Among Thieves, or the Sgt. Cribb series? They released the excellent Alastair Sim Cold Comfort Farm, which was stored away for 20 years, only after a major film production was released. Take some of your creativity out of production and put it in marketing, please.

Robert Arrington
Philadelphia, PA

Unfortunately, neither Masterpiece Theatre nor Mystery! has a storage room filled with all our past productions just waiting to be aired. As noted above, we no longer hold the broadcast rights to many favorites from the past. And acquiring rights to those shows would preclude our ability to schedule new productions in the Masterpiece line-up. The rights and the decision to release previous titles rests with the various production companies/rights holders of those programs. The 1971 Cold Comfort Farm, for example, was produced by the BBC and is currently distributed by AcornMedia.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved Love in a Cold Climate so much -- great characters, great actors and a great story. It was sad at the end when Linda died.

Martin Alvarez
Long Beach, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I have enjoyed this Masterpiece! The only thing I have to complain about is that it was not elaborate enough. It was cut short too soon. It could have been made at least two chapters longer. If possible, could it have a follow-up episode? I am sure most viewers would agree. Once again, thank you for another great one!

Lorena Betancourt
Jacksonville, FL

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I have followed the various programs with great appreciation of the exceptional production quality and acute attention to every historical detail. The current production of Love in a Cold Climate is yet another superb example. Very satisfying indeed!

Arlene Yardley
Surrey, BC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Love in a Cold Climate is a most amazing & enjoyable program! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Valerie Moore

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Love in a Cold Climate was a superb production, beautifully cast and underplayed.

The atmosphere of the family, cars, manners, and clothes was totally authentic, complementing the natural acting style which imbued the story with true English eccentricity (which is no exaggeration, and spine-chillingly recognizable to me as an English native!).

I hope Alan Bates had as much fun acting Uncle Matthew as I did watching him. It was wonderful to see Anthony Andrews in the part of a lecherous snake: I was laughing delightedly at both portrayals. Sheila Gish as Lady Montdore kept the story grounded and her imminent breakdown promises to unleash more than a few demons. The first part left me looking forward to seeing what happens to everyone, and roused my curiosity to read about the Mitford family.

Thank you for your high standards in doing justice to this classic book.

Sonia Green
Gainesville, FL

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