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David Copperfield

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David Copperfield
updated 5.22.2007

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I've always hated this kind of "historical" film, but Daniel Radcliffe "forced" me to see David Copperfield, and I was really surprised. The film is excellent! It has a good plot, a good cast and what is more, this film made my English homework easier! We had to write a review of a film and I had no problems choosing a film to write about. Thank you!


Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
David Copperfield is an excellent book. I am fifteen and have never really enjoyed reading. I always thought that books would be such a waste of time, especially the 'classics'. But I eventually did get to read David Copperfield and it was by far the smartest thing I've done. The book is full of life, sadness and adventure. After reading the book I couldn't wait to watch the film. This movie is great, exactly how I had pictured it. Now, the majority of the books I read are 'classics.' There is something about them that make you feel down to earth and just human. It must have been very hard for David to experience all that he did. The book has given me strength and the patience to achieve my goals, even if it means experiencing the bad things.

Lema Nayel

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
When I first read that Clara (David's mother) had been married to Mr. Murdstone I was very surprised because I pictured Clara as a woman who could never give up her husband (Mr. Copperfield). Well, I kept reading and I read that Mr. Murdstone was going to beat David because of his poor study habits. I was so surprised that Clara didn't try to stop that. I mean if my mom were to have been married to another man I know that she would not allow that. I mean it's hard enough for him not to have a father. I also pictured Clara as a mother who enjoyed teaching her son by herself at home. Then sending him to boarding school, I thought would take away her pride. I think the relationship between Clara and Mr. Murdstone is very poor and I think Mr. Murdstone was moving very fast.


Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I have always been a big reader. If I can't read, I am bored. I remember the first time I ever saw your show you were showing David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I had heard of him but I always thought he was boring so after seeing your show I said to myself, "Why the heck didn't I read this sooner?" Now David Copperfield is my favorite book. Thank you, Masterpiece Theatre, for showing me the world of Charles Dickens.

Arnell Kittson
Browning, MT

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I think Daniel Radcliffe's performance in David Copperfield was unbelievable! When I first saw the movie on DVD, I was shocked! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! David Copperfield then became my favorite movie!

Jie Geng
Columbus, OH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I had already seen Harry Potter before I saw David Copperfield, but one day I was flicking through the channels and I saw his face! I thought, "Isn't that Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter?" So I stayed watching it, and of course it was a very good movie, but when it came to the part where young David left, I was so bummed that I changed the channel! It was weird; I even cried when Daniel had to leave the house!

Stephanie Chapman
New York, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My name is Olga, and I am 13 years old. I think that Daniel is the cutest guy I have ever seen. In the future, I hope that we will go to the same university so I could meet him. Do you know what my dream is? My dream is that Daniel will read this letter and will think: 'I want to write to this girl and meet her.' Daniel, if you read this, I like you very much and I hope I will meet you some day. I know that sounds unreal, but it is still a dream. What do you think?

Olga Kott
Beer-Sheva, Israel

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Daniel is nice boy.
I'm Daniel Radcliffe fan!
Emma and Rupert, too.
Harry Potter is very interesting.
I love Daniel!

Park In-Young
In-Chon, Korea

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Your version of David Copperfield (1999) is the most wonderful movie I have seen. It is how I had always imagined Dickens's story. In the fall of 2001, I visited Charles Dickens's museum in London and was fascinated again by this favorite author of my childhood. I was unaware of the movie until I turned on Masterpiece Theatre last night. Thank you!

Carol Taylor
East Sandwich, MA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was so touched by this production of David Copperfield, particularly young Daniel Radcliffe's portrayal of Copperfield as a child. That was brilliant casting! It is clear why he was chosen to play Harry Potter. Thank you for this fine production and for introducing us to such an exceptional talent!

Judy Nathanson
Baltimore, MD

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
It was refreshing to watch something wholesome on TV. I commend ExxonMobil for underwriting Masterpiece Theatre and David Copperfield and WLTV for bringing the series to viewers in the Philadelphia area. Do have nice holidays.

Harry Stinger
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I want to thank you for the wonderful production of David Copperfield. Not only did it bring young Daniel Radcliffe to the attention of Chris Columbus but, also, via Daniel's turn as Harry Potter, my 13-year-old daughter is now enthralled with Dickens! A magnificent film! Thank you again.

Hillary Moldovan
Beaverton, OR

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