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Daniel Deronda

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Daniel Deronda
updated 5.27.2004

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Daniel Deronda has made a really big impact on my life. It is extraordinarily captivating. It catches the lighter side of love and the darker side. It also makes me more aware of how many people fall in love with those who don't believe in the same things or have the same morals. I think that you should air Daniel Deronda again, so that more and more people can really learn something from it.

Me'kiell Cox
Macon, GA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
This series felt like a time warp into the beautiful, romantic setting of Daniel Deronda's life. I haven't felt this captivated by a movie in so long; it felt so real and touching. I am attracted to the 1800s, Hugh Dancy's charisma and Deronda's deeper quest for self, the issues of deep love vs. lust and the contradiction of society's norms.

Anita Chung
San Francisco, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Hugh Dancy is so hot! I can really identify with Gwendolen not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Thank you for airing it; it's my favorite.

Aria Somaria
Portland, OR

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I missed Daniel Deronda when it first aired, but am so thankful that I got to see it second time around. It is a wonderful story and, given what is being shown on other stations these days, it was a pleasure to watch a show of such caliber. I plan to buy the DVD, so I can share this wonderful movie with my family and friends. Keep up the good work.

Liela Hamori
Amesbury, MA

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