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The Forsyte Saga

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The Forsyte Saga
updated 4.17.2007

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I wanted to like this new production of The Forsyte Saga, as I love the books and the first television production which I recently bought on DVD. However, several things about the new series turned me off, so I turned it off. The new Irene is truly ugly, with a mouth like Austin Powers. Don't the British have orthodontists yet? The music was awful, repetitive and cloying. The newly invented scenes were uniformly worse than Galsworthy's originals. Why not use the originals? Why not follow the author's description of his leading lady? I'd give it a "D" for disappointing.

Margery Goldstein
Hudson, MA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
With some notable exceptions, I think Masterpiece Theatre is one of the best shows ever presented on television. One such exception, however, is the latest version of The Forsyte Saga. It was dull, miscast, badly written and changed from the original novel. It's nothing like the first Forsyte Saga, which was magnificent.

Rosalie Marchesi
New York, NY

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