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Foyle's War

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Foyle's War
updated 6.2.2003

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The joy of dialogue in this series! The words that are not spoken by Michael Kitchen! We have found a series (four episodes) that is on the same intellectual level as Inspector Morse. What brilliant casting! It is great to learn how people lived and feared in the England of the 1940's and to experience this social commentary of the times! As a child in England at that time, I was young, so I missed a lot of what was happening in the South of England. I hope that they make more episodes for us.

Margaret Romaine
St. Albert, AB

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
What an excellent series! Michael Kitchen's understated playing of Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle was one of the best I've ever seen. Honeysuckle Weeks is also to be commended for her performance; she was a joy. And last but not least, Anthony Howell's portrayal of the wounded soldier was tremendous. It was especially good to see him walk without a cane in the last episode. I sure hope there is more Foyle's War on the horizon. I just love those British murder mysteries.

Dennis Bell
Aloha, OR

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Your production of Foyle's War was brilliant. The cast was magnificent and the historical content intriguing and trenchant, especially given our current national circumstances. My wife and I probably range toward the younger end of your viewing spectrum, but I believe it's work like this that will keep Masterpiece Theatre a "must see" for generations to come. I do hope that we will see Chief Inspector Foyle again; please, don't keep us waiting too long. Thanks again,

John & Ann Sweeney
Louisville, KY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I thought Foyle's War was a great series. I realized that I was looking forward to Sunday nights because another episode was on. The stories were all very timely, as we are on the brink of yet another war. The characters were great; I wish it didn't have to end just when we were getting to know them better.

L. Weddle
San Francisco, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My wife and I felt that Foyle's War was one of the most enjoyable and educational mysteries that we've seen in a long time. We hope there will be future episodes of this excellent series.

John and Judy Connely
San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved the attention to period detail and to detective work done prior to modern forensics, (i.e. brain work!)

Colette Moore
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the four-part series, Foyle's War. Honeysuckle Weeks was superb! All in all, this series is the greatest thing since Inspector Morse.

Donald Kerns
Garden Grove, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
This is another fine Masterpiece Theatre series. I don't know where to begin in praising it. The actors were superb and the costumes and scenery were exquisite down to the finest detail. The story reminded me about the great will and sacrifice of the English people, and I'm sure younger viewers were acquainted with the same. Foyle's War should be award-winning in every category and I sincerely hope that it is recognized.

Colette Terracino
Bethel, CT

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
We thoroughly enjoyed this series and are sorry that it has ended. The entire cast was excellent. We congratulate you for putting this series on.

Shirley Ottenstein
Darien, CT

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My husband and I have so enjoyed Foyle's War! It left us wanting more! We had much the same feeling about The Forsyte Saga. What outstanding drama on Masterpiece Theatre! To sum it up: It's just soooooooo fine!

Sylvia Teeuwen
Westerville, OH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I thoroughly enjoyed Foyle's War. I liked the characters and the stories. I also appreciated that wartime was not necessarily portrayed as a noble time; that with war there is corruption, government lies, and class issues.

Heidi Heffernan
Moscow, ID

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
This is just a quick note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed Foyle's War. It is a great series that continues the tradition of exceptional drama on Masterpiece Theatre. An observation: The final episode left the impression that perhaps we have not seen the end of Foyle and his team. Let us hope the series producers and the writer all agree and will put together additional episodes. Thank you for bringing this great series to us.

Peter M. Godfrey
Clarenville, NF

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Michael Kitchen should get 'Best Actor' for his performance in Foyle's War. His feelings, his interactions with the other actors, his movements; everything about his character had me completely drawn to him. When I watch other actors up for Academy Awards this year, at least I'll know that there are better actors out there, and that they're on Masterpiece Theatre.

Also, I think that a policeman is a very difficult personality to play. Most policemen I know are complex people. He made the role look so easy. Keep paying him well so I can continue to enjoy his movies!

Carolann Bartels
Chandler, AZ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is a wonderful series with good acting and very good story lines. Many thanks!

Teresa Smith
Allen, TX

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My husband and I totally enjoyed the series this month and will miss it on Sunday nights.

Marilyn Kendall
Hawthorne, NJ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Even as a "hardened" ER/ICU nurse, nothing brought home to me as the episode on the Dunkirk evacuation did, the fact that one more parent suffering the death of a child is one too many. My sister, a young barrister, died in the Marchioness disaster, so I have an appreciation of parents losing their children...ours...theirs...anyone's. Our hearts, I suspect, do not differentiate. Thank you for this most timely reminder and excellent program.

Barbara Hagan, R.N.
Lincoln City, OR

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed the series and would love to see more. The series was not only entertaining as a mystery series, but it was also educational. I learned lots about that period of British history that I had previously not known. Thanks again!

John Kingman
Austin, TX

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The series was outstanding. Thank you for the superior production. Please continue showing the finest in television.

Michael Kelly
Omaha, NE

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is another recent production on Masterpiece Theatre that has caught my attention. I was caught off guard by the intrigue at the conclusion of each episode. Way to go! And thank you!

Mike Bradshaw Sr.
Ruther Glen, VA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Ms. Weeks, Mr. Howell and especially the marvelous Mr. Kitchen create the basis for a fascinating new mystery series. Kudos to Mr. Horowitz for his writing! Please show more of Foyle's War on Masterpiece Theatre in the future!

Jill Hadden
Norcross, GA

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