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Foyle's War
updated 5.11.2006

Warning! Plot points may be revealed below!

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is one of our favorite programs. Michael Kitchen is one of our favorite actors and perfect for this part. Question: Did you indeed show a second series of four? We only recall three because of an interruption for fundraising. We thought you promised the final episode sometime. When?

We are dedicated Masterpiece Theatre fans, and have been for almost 30 years. Thank you for your excellent programming. We do hope an enlightened corporation will come forward to support this program, as did Mobil for so many years.

Clayton Selph
Falls Church, VA

There have been two Foyle's War series -- the first was presented on Mastepiece Theatre (originally in February of 2003) and included the episodes The German Woman, The White Feather, A Lesson in Murder and Eagle Day. The second series aired on MYSTERY! during the summer of 2004. The second series included the episodes Fifty Ships, Among the Few, War Games and The Funk Hole.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I recently purchased all three DVD sets of Foyle's War, and I can't wait to get the fourth. It's remarkable to see how the British civilians lived during the Blitz and the war in general. Foyle's War was a program I can enjoy over and over again.

Ronald D Murphy
Columbus, GA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War would be nothing without the superb acting skills of Michael Kitchen. His restrained manner is perfect for the part. It only proves the theory that "less is more," also making Michael Kitchen one of the sexiest men on the planet.

Diane Lindenberger
Houston, TX

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Your production of Foyle's War is just brilliant. I've always been a fan of Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! and I sincerely hope you release the second season for us American fans. I just adored the first four episodes and promptly went online to find out if they were based on a book series.

Charity Bishop
Denver, CO

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My wife and I love Foyle's War. I have rarely seen such a masterful job done of telling a classical mystery story, set in a harrowing time with such engaging characters; all are intertwined so well! The writing is thoroughly engaging and the performances are excellent. What a rare treat! Thanks so very much to everyone associated with this production. The attention to detail is truly outstanding!

Bryan Prill
Overland Park, KS

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I love World War II stories and mysteries. Having the two combined is heavenly. I'm just sad we seem to only have four of these episodes. I assume there are more? I can't wait. Wonderfully done! Thank you!

Anne Ramsey
Boston, MA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is probably my favorite Masterpiece Theatre production ever! I taped the first four episodes and watch them over and over. Being born in 1944 and missing World War II, I can't seem to get enough of it, especially the English experience. This series seems so accurate in every little detail that it's positively enchanting. Will you please hurry up and get the next four episodes before I go stir crazy? Thank you!

Julie Moore
Windham, ME

Happily, more episodes of Foyle's War are planned! The original four programs will encore on Masterpiece Theatre beginning in late April 2004 and a new series of four will be shown on Mystery! in July and August.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I have been watching Foyle's War and was disappointed to discover there are only four shows in this series. Happily, through this Web site, I am thrilled to find that more shows are on the way. I have always been a fan of detective shows and of history, and the usual standard fare that Hollywood dumps on the unsuspecting public leaves much to be desired. Foyle's War, however, is intelligent, thoughtful and full of characters that are not so far removed from everyday life. I appreciate the attention to historical details, especially with regard to Dunkirk. The show also illustrates that the war for normalcy in the face of the threatening storm cloud of Hitler's Germany was just as important as the battle in Europe. Thank you for a wonderful series and I am looking forward to more.

Joyce L. Young
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is a brave new series with quite a winning regular cast. Michael Kitchen is very understated as an actor, making his portrayal challenging to comprehend. We love that Sam! Honeysuckle Weeks is certain to have a future!

Mr. Horowitz has given us a new detective worth following. I would urge him to avoid too many espionage subplots, because the formula can be very limited. There were conspiracies in Great Britain, to be sure, but not quite at this level!

Jeffrey Leatherwood
Western Carolina University, NC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is one of the best series we have seen in many years of watching Masterpiece Theatre. Michael Kitchen, a favorite of ours ever since Dandelion Dead turns in yet another truly outstanding, understated and intelligent performance. The series is literate and its integration with history is inspiring to say the least. The Dunkirk episode was exceptionally moving. We eagerly anticipate the next season.

Carol and Tom Brier
Somers, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I am 16 years old and have recently discovered the joys that come from watching your show. I find it much more entertaining than what society's idea of entertainment is (if you don't know, then trust me, you're better off). Foyle's War was for me quite the adventure. I love good detective stories and reveled in each episode. The plots were hardy and well-planned to the extent of a good Sherlock Holmes. I do hope that you plan to do more shows of this particular nature. I know I for one will be extremely pleased.

Mary Tibbetts

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Foyle's War is a masterpiece! And the cast is super. We've seen only the first four and can't wait for more.

Anita Merrell
Noblesville, IN

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