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All the King's Men

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All the King's Men
updated 5.7.2002

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
All the King's Men was the absolute best made-for-TV movie I think I have ever seen. I would have paid to see this movie and 10 more like it in theaters. Whoever made it really understood what makes people tick and what life is all about. It was extremely moving, compelling and wonderfully acted. I hope it can be found in the future on video. I would like to see more movies like this... anywhere!

Christopher Kahn
Los Angeles, CA

All the King's Men is currently available on video; click on our Shop link for more information.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
All The Kings Men was a wonderful production -- well filmed and acted. The frustration of well-meaning men performing at their best in a poorly managed situation is well illustrated. Being British, class differences play a major part.

My only disappointment: no information on the book on which the movie is based. Better yet would be reference to any existing actual notes on what was really found. Come on, PBS, when you do female authors you give us excellent biographies on who these talented ladies were. But nothing on the actual findings for this lost battalion?

Dave Huffman
Longview, WA

Unfortunately, the book (of the same name) on which All the King's Men was based, written by co-producer Nigel McCrery, does not seem to be available in the USA. It can be ordered from

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
All the King's Men was a wonderful production -- very realistic and moving. Thank you. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Janet Little
Greenville, TX

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