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The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

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The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
updated 4.8.2003

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Last night I saw this series on our national television. I can't express the pain I felt for the Lawrence family, and the pride I felt for their courage. I am grateful to you for creating this as a monument to victims and their miserable slayers. Believe me, after the war we lived, we know what pain is and what it is to thirst for justice. We know the misery the soul feels to have to demand what is already rightfully ours.

I am with all who suffer, and God teaches us that only by forgiving can we be great and more human. I am sorry for those who do not know what they do. The mother of the victim sleeps peacefully. The mother of the murderer does not.

Marina Jadrejcic
Kanfanar, Croatia

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