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Lost for Words

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Lost for Words
updated 2.7.2006

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I saw this film years ago and have never forgotten it. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Anyone faced with placing a dearly loved mother (or father) in a 'home' will want to see this movie. More importantly, perhaps, it should be viewed on a regular basis by the staff of nursing homes across the country.

Rita Chesterton
Lambertville, NJ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Deric Longden's Lost For Words has to be the most moving piece of work I have seen on television in a very long time! I loved it! Quality! Quality! Quality!

Debbie Ryan
Fort Smith, AR

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Thank you for broadcasting "Lost for Words". I am taking care of my mother who is 88+ and the program was a replay of my experiences with my "Mum". Very well done, balanced, and realistic. Thanks again. Makes me feel less out of the ordinary. God Bless you all.

Bradford N. Hull
Cambria, CA

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