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The Lost Prince
updated 6.27.2006

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The determination to take offense that U.S. involvement in WWI was not mentioned in this program is absurd and I think says more about the person posting the comment than about the program. Canada and Australia's involvement is not mentioned either but I don't feel insulted. The Lost Prince is about John and his perception of current events, which I doubt would be so detailed. To introduce such a scene would have been jarring. Shame on you for looking for non-existent insults.

With reference to your feature, The Insider! Lost Royals! Two or three years ago I read a story in, I think, a science magazine, that Kaspar Hauser's DNA had been charted, compared to that of the aristocracy involved, and was completely different. Perhaps babies were switched but Hauser was not one of them.

And regarding Anastasia and Anna Anderson: Last year I read Volume 1 of The Beaton Diaries. Cecil Beaton, a famous photographer, was official photographer to the royal family during the early years of the Queen's reign. He noted in his diary that the late Princess Margaret, the Queen's younger sister, told him that Anastasia had hammer-toes. This was not known to many outside the immediate imperial family. Princess Margaret was told this by her aunt, George VI's sister, who on several occasions during their childhood, shared a bath with her, I think, first cousin once-removed. This was the clincher when vetting pretenders. No one can fake hammer-toes.

Kate Fearnley-Wood
Toronto, ON

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The presentation of The Lost Prince is among the many shows that make a contribution to PBS well worth the cost of a yearly donation. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Charlie Harding
Seattle, WA

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