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The Lost Prince
updated 1.12.2005

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The Lost Prince seems to depict George V as unwilling to help Nicholas II and his family for political reasons. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica's entry for Nicholas I, "Nicholas was detained at Tsarskoye Selo by Prince Lvov's provisional government. It was planned that he and his family would be sent to England; but instead, mainly because of the opposition of the Petrograd Soviet, the Revolutionary Workers' and Soldiers' Council, they were removed to Tobolsk, in western Siberia....When the anti-Bolshevik 'White' Russian forces approached the area, the local authorities were ordered to prevent a rescue...." This resulted in their execution. It seems that any rescue attempt would have resulted in their deaths. Also, according to Lost Splendor by Prince Felix Youssoupoff, Nicholas had refused to leave Russia.

Sheryll Wright
Reno, NV

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was very disturbed last Sunday night while watching Masterpiece Theatre's performance of The Lost Prince, a story about the sweet, retarded son of George and Mary of England. The story was very interesting but, in an attempt I suppose to make the writing politically correct, King George refers to WWI as such a muddle that the Kaiser shouldn't be blamed, since he has as many problems as England and the other allies do. Then, when the war has finally ended, the King airs his sadness about what happened to his cousin the Tsar and his family (who were all shot dead by the revolutionaries in Russia). King George then mourns all the brave European soldiers who died and were maimed in the conflict.

Not one word is said about American soldiers dead, maimed, gassed or otherwise. Not one word about Americans ever having been there at all in answer to Europe's plea for help.

One has to conclude that it's not politically correct to vilify the Germans (who after all are Europeans) even when referring to something that happened almost a century ago. But it is still politically correct to vilify Russians today. And, since Europe at present is in 'hate America mode,' the writers can simply write off anything good we Americans ever did throughout history. I wonder what our WWI veterans would have to say about this unfettered revisionism, or any other American veterans for that matter. I wonder how other thinking Americans feel, knowing that anything good Americans do on this earth might soon be written out of existence.

Harriet K. Feder
Buffalo, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
In the second episode of The Lost Prince it becomes apparent that Prince John has some musical talent. Has anyone researched the possibility that he had William's Syndrome?

Marie Schurr
Hickory, PA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My friends think I am crazy for watching Masterpiece Theatre instead of the new ABC show Desperate Housewives. I am drawn to it every week. The programs are done so well and so beautifully that I truly believe I am part of the story. The Lost Prince brought such a tear to my eye. I thought I knew so much about the royal family; I have followed them since I was a little girl. However, I had never read or heard of Prince John. When the series ended, I felt like someone from my own family had passed away. What a wonderful tribute to his life. Thanks to PBS he is no longer the 'forgotten Prince.'

Phyllis Natter
Manchester, NJ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My daughter, who is 17, and I just finished watching The Lost Prince. We both were unable to speak at the end; we were so moved by the story. It is brilliantly told in a vivid and interesting way and the acting is as first-rate as the writing. I was especially taken by the performance of Gina McKee as Lalla. She is heartbreaking when Johnnie finally dies. This was one of the best Masterpiece Theatre experiences I've had in years!

David Schlom
Corning, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
What an amazing story! I have a biography of Lord Mountbatten by Philip Ziegler, published in 1985. The inside cover shows Mountbatten's family tree. There are five children listed under George V and Mary of Teck; Prince John is not listed.

Charles Schiavo
Deptford, NJ

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