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Lucky Jim

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Lucky Jim
updated 3.6.2002

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Lucky Jim survives beautifully. I appreciate being reminded that the earlier politics of the author have prevailed over the conservative views of his dotage. Thank you.

Don Zook-Slagel

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Years ago, I was a habitual Masterpiece Theatre viewer, in the days of Alistair Cooke. It's been way too long; tonight's viewing of Lucky Jim reminded me of what excellent theatre is all about -- and such a wonderful theme, presentation, and performance to watch! Thank you for being there all these years.

Lee Davis
Evergreen, CO

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I laughed so much -- bravo, what a tremendous production! I was so delighted to see Stephen play Jim, as I loved him as the priest in Ballykissangel, and truthfully, I've missed seeing him. Margaret was an absolute hoot, and there was enough realism to make it outrageously funny. I do miss England; it has such a sense of history that we miss living in Canada and you Brits sure know how to do such fabulous period pieces. Masterpiece Theatre is doing so much to give us a great appreciation for English literary works, and I do so appreciate the funding behind such wonderful productions. They are simply one of life's greatest pleasures. Thank you and God bless,

The Rev. Lady Colleen
Stonhouse, Canada

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Lucky Jim was well acted, with plenty of bustle and comic atmosphere. But the English can do this type of thing with one arm tied behind their backs, and to my mind it looked like a so-so script had to be saved by the director and the cast pulling together to make something out of nothing.

As an example, the penultimate scene in the bus on the way to station is surely one of the funniest in English literature. But on screen, it was reduced to a bit of business to tie up the loose end of Mr. Catchpole and the fake suicide. I'll admit that the public lecture didn't come off too badly, but the momentum was badly undercut by what came after. A pity, as the book is probably one of the funniest ever written.

Evan Thornton
Ottawa, ON

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I really enjoyed tonight's show Lucky Jim. It is a pleasure to see an old fashion story with a happy ending, instead of murder, rape, robbery and war.

During World War II, I was stationed for a short time near where the story was set, and the scenery brought back some fine memories. Again, thanks to TV 12 and Masterpiece Theatre. Let's have more of the same.

Charles H. Gaffeney
Wilmington, DE

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
So, the Brits have produced a travesty of Lucky Jim. Why not cast somebody who looks marginally like the young Kinglsey Amis? That way his relationships with women would be relatively plausible. And what happened to Atkinson, a minor, but important character in the novel?

The lecture on 'Merrie England,' totally invented by the scriptwriter, is a disappointment. In the original, Jim has problems finding his place, imitates the style of Welch and the Principal (where is he?), and has a killing conclusion.

Even the time the train leaves has been altered with no apparent reason. The train left at 13h40, but Jim and Christine had been told to be there at 13h50 by Welch.

Do you hate Amis? If you do, please do not do Take a Girl Like You anytime soon.

Brian Campbell
Montreal, QC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I really enjoyed the Kingsley Amis story of Lucky Jim on PBS Monday. It was refreshing to see the comical love story. I appreciate the fine entertainment that PBS provides.

Pete Hansen
La Crosse, WI

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