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Mrs. Brown

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Mrs. Brown
updated 4.8.2003

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
What a superb program! For the first time, I could understand how emotionally impoverished the members of the British royal family were and are. You displayed, with a deft touch and not too overtly, the jockeying for favor and power among the family and courtiers/servants. Then, like a cat among pigeons, Mr. Brown came with his uncontrived and genuine human feelings and selfless concern for the widowed queen. An unsophisticated man among that crowd; he was both a threat and a victim. You did well not to exonerate the queen for failing to protect him. The royals are nothing if not self-absorbed, even today. Fascinating stuff!

Your programs are always of excellent quality, with skilled acting, staging and production values that rival the best in large-screen films. If only your quality was a standard that commercial channels aspired to achieve. Why, oh why, is commercial television such a garbage dump compared to PBS? Thank goodness you are here!

Sandy Thomas
Arlington, VA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Judy Dench is just superb in Mrs. Brown! She is a real actress if there ever was one -- a true lady. Thank you for allowing us to see such grace and style; it is not found just anywhere.

Sumaya Rodriguez
Passaic, NJ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I saw Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown on video this weekend, and absolutely loved it. After the movie, I looked online for more information about Queen Victoria and John Brown, and found Masterpiece Theatre Online to be very true to fact. Thank you for continually making wonderful period pieces. They truly bring the past to life!

Janice Hall

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
What an outstanding production Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown was! I was very impressed with the perfectly cast, set and staged performance. Judi Dench was too wonderful for words! Encore! Encore!

Georgia Mackowiak
Austin, TX

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I just had the opportunity to watch Mrs. Brown, and all I can say is... excellent! Mr. Connelly gave a wonderful performance as did Ms. Dench... The film gave me the opportunity to see what the Lady must have gone through after the loss of her husband, and the comfort afforded her by Mr. Brown... again, I say excellent! I hope to see more of both Mr. Connelly and Ms. Dench. Thank you.

Dennis M. Williams
East Liverpool, OH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Good evening. I am now watching your wonderful production of Mrs. Brown. I do so enjoy watching Masterpiece Theatre. Please continue your wonderful work. Thank you kindly for the opportunity to express my feelings.

Carolina R. Escobedo
Montebello, CA

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