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Me & Mrs. Jones

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Me & Mrs. Jones
updated 5.11.2004

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Me & Mrs. Jones is such a pleasure to watch. It's my first Robson Green film -- Wow! Michael Maloney, who plays Liam's best friend, draws you right into the fairytale. I was glued to the set and can't understand why some people didn't like it. It's supposed to be a romantic comedy/fantasy. Robson Green and Michael Maloney make a superb match; kudos to the casting director! I hope they will be working together in many more films. Thank you Masterpiece Theatre, for giving us a "feel-good" modern day, fantasy romance.

Rebecca Carlson
Methuen, MA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I Just finished watching Me & Mrs. Jones. It was absolutely wonderful. The soundtrack is outstanding and really makes the movie. I am hoping you release the soundtrack, so we may enjoy it on those quiet, romantic dancing nights. The performers are great! Excellent job by all!

D. Campbell
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
It seems as if entertainment in the United States is becoming much too realistic, exhibiting so much anger and angst. This little movie, Me & Mrs. Jones, is such a wonderful love story, a fairy-tale in the midst of the unpleasantness of life. It's a real treasure and I would like to see more of this and fewer Terminator movies!

Lily Ross
Key West, FL

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved Me and Mrs. Jones!

Judy Bajoie
New Orleans, LA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Me & Mrs. Jones is by far the greatest film I have ever seen! It was SO romantic and had the greatest storyline I have ever heard! I am definitely crowning this production as Masterpiece Theatre's greatest feat. I sincerely plan on buying the video and watching it over and over! Show it again! Encore! Encore!

J.T. Ridenour
Lawrence, KS

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