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Me & Mrs. Jones

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Me & Mrs. Jones
updated 03.11.2003

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Good stuff! I honestly think this was the first time I ever watched Masterpiece Theatre the whole way through and liked the show enough to tape it on overnight. It's a very cute, funny and romantic film. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Victoria Morris
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
That was the silliest, most inane production of Masterpiece Theatre that I've ever seen. Your standards have been lowered to produce such a ridiculous program. As Russell Baker said, a "willing suspension of disbelief" was needed. Too bad, I was unwilling. It was too ridiculous!

Adele Gorham
Northford, CT

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Robson Green is delightful and I have enjoyed him in previous programs. Please show more of him in the future, either on Masterpiece Theatre or Mystery! The latter, I hope, won't be so gruesome.

Barbara Tilsley
Ocala, FL

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
It's a pity that the first part of Me & Mrs. Jones was shown on the night of the Super Bowl. This is the one night that PBS could have and should have aired a repeat, as there was no way that Me & Mrs. Jones could have drawn too many viewers. Last year the same thing happened. They aired another excellent show during the Super Bowl. I hope they learn from their mistakes and either re-play the same episode on a different night, or not bother showing it at the same time as what is deemed the single biggest "television event" in America.

Jaideep Desai
New York, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I love the more contemporary Masterpiece Theatre productions. I especially enjoy Robson Green as an actor. Thank you!

Theresa Wanta
Saint Paul, MN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I am a big Robson Green fan. I have been ever since I saw him in Reckless. I watched Me & Mrs. Jones and I really wasn't impressed. I thought that Reckless & Reckless (The Sequel) were better productions.

Mara Pemberton
Eureka, CA,

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I love Robson Green and will watch anything that he is in. He is never a disappointment. What a great show! Please keep up the romantic comedies.

Mary Richeson
Cedar Rapids, IA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed Me & Mrs. Jones. I say "surprisingly" because I have grumbled about Masterpiece Theatre presentations since the much acclaimed I, Claudius. But I must say that I was completely taken by Liam and the Prime Minister. I watched it on its first run, and stayed up well past my bedtime to view it again. It's light, but delightful and charming. By the way, the dance scene was the most sensuous display on film that I've seen in sometime. Can we expect to see more of Liam and the Prime Minister?

Gwen Moore
St. Louis, MO

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Me & Mrs. Jones is an absolutely wonderful movie. I love it so much! It's so romantic and Keeley Hawes is amazing as Jane.

Tiffany D.
Panama City Beach, FL

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Me & Mrs. Jones was a wonderful movie. It's not often that a movie (on television anyway) keeps me glued to my seat. It's so charming, and thank you for the ending. I didn't really believe it could have that happy twist to it. Now, I don't much like watching Robson Green in his television series, but he was perfect for this part. The other characters were good too. I definitely plan to buy the video when it comes out.

Moira Eicholtz
Lakewood, WA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I so enjoyed this "modern" production, and look forward to seeing future works starring these two fine actors!

Ellen Mrja
Mankato, MN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Frankly, I found Me & Mrs. Jones silly, shallow and unbelievable. Why would you insult viewers' intelligence with this juvenile mess? Robson Green is a fine actor, as he has proved many times, and I'm sure Caroline Goodall is capable of good work too. It's a shame Me & Mrs. Jones is such a stupid play.

Judging by the dialogue, nobody could possibly believe that she was the Prime Minister of Great Britain, leader of the second most powerful nation on earth. 'Harry Fletcher's' easy access to 10 Downing Street boggles the mind, and the casual familiarity with the Prime Minister is simply not EVER likely to happen, no matter how sexy the male or how attractive the woman he's pursuing. It was a waste of time, unconvincing, dumb and badly written. The best thing about it was the sets.

Quentin Rinehart
Tacoma, WA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Robson Green is always fantastic. I laughed through and loved the whole two hours. What a delightful and honest presentation.

Lauren Darman
Albany, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Thank you so much for the Masterpiece Theatre production of Me & Mrs. Jones. It reminded me in many ways of Reckless, with the somewhat similar plot and characters (a woman with an unfaithful husband and a rogue leading man). I thoroughly enjoyed Me & Mrs. Jones and I have my own copy of Reckless and Reckless (The Sequel). There's nothing like a comic adult romance that turns out for the best. Hurrah! Plus Robson Green is absolutely irresistible!

Karen Sturgis
Windsor, CT

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I just watched this excellent Masterpiece Theatre production, which is up to the usual high standards. Robson Green is such an excellent actor. It's a romantic fairy tale. I hope you do more.

Connie Acton
Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I just watched Me & Mrs. Jones and I wanted to say that I was enthralled. I must admit that the image I had of Masterpiece Theatre was a bit dusty, but it looks like it's changing. It's good to see a little of what modern London is like. If the programming continues to be of this same genre, then I dare say you've got yourselves a new viewer. Cheers!

Randy Hsieh
Boston, MA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved the show.

Genevieve Hester
Pinckneyville, IL

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I enjoyed the show very much, as I do most things I watch on PBS. I am particularly fond of British mysteries, and like British writing and acting. I have an MA degree in Theatre and find the more low key approach of the 'Brits' very nice.

Isabel Vandervelde
Aiken, SC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I enjoyed Me & Mrs. Jones and the Mystery! episodes Touching Evil. I hope you will continue to show movies and films starring this Robson Green. He's seems to be a great, interesting and exciting actor in whatever role he portrays.

Sue Meyer
Georgetown, TX

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
It is now 1:10 a.m., way past my bedtime, and I am on my computer writing about how much I enjoyed Me & Mrs. Jones. I had been out for the evening, having taped Masterpiece Theatre, and on returning started watching it, thinking I would watch for a bit and then go to bed. I couldn't stop watching! Like a good book, I couldn't put it down. Of course all Masterpiece Theatre episodes are excellent, but this was a modern day romance and was wonderful.

Kay Wynne
Mississauga, ON

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I really enjoyed watching Me & Mrs. Jones on PBS this evening. As with many Masterpiece productions, it was excellent. I must admit to being a little biased, as I am a 'Brit' who has lived here in the United States for approximately twelve years. It's always nice to see a British production for many reasons including seeing British actors and the many scenes and views of Britain, and also for the very best in anything British! Not to take away from all the excellent shows produced here in the United States. I really get the best of both worlds! I would be interested to know if anyone else shares my feelings in this matter. Well-done PBS! I look forward to seeing much more in the future.

Penny Reigel
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Thank you for presenting Me & Mrs. Jones tonight. It was an absolutely brilliant love story. Once again, Masterpiece Theatre has shown a first class production. Please keep up the good work.

Angela Flear
Mississauga, ON

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I always look forward to ANY Masterpiece Theatre program. They are a delight to watch! Tonight I watched Me & Mrs. Jones, and felt the tension build between the characters as though I was involved myself. The program kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the twists and turns that the show brought. It also doesn't hurt to have Robson Green as the lead. He can get me to the television set in a flash! Thank you for the wonderful work you produce.

Julia Paul
Charlotte, NC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
How disappointing! The writing was predictable; it was almost a parody of the genre. The casting was disappointing, because the two leads have been great elsewhere, but here they were an unlikely and unattractive couple. Strike this feature from the archives. Nonetheless, Masterpiece Theatre is the highest quality presentation on television.

P. Trudeau
Dallas, TX

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Any time I see an advertisement for a show on PBS that Robson Green is in, I have to see it. I think he is such a good actor, and the story is always interesting.

Patricia Croasdale
Manchester, NH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Robson Green is finally back! I have been anxiously awaiting his return to PBS. I was very excited to see Me & Mrs. Jones advertised on PBS. I am usually watching Clifford, Dragon Tales or Jay Jay. Thanks!

Allison Kreisa
North Bend, OH

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