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The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard

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Masterpiece responds about The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard

The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard
updated 11.20.2007

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I watched the concluding episode of the The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard last night and was left feeling rather baffled. What exactly happened at the end? Not that I need everything spelled out for me, but the ending seemed really vague and a rather deflating after following the whole series.

I am assuming that Mrs. Pritchard did the "right thing" and resigned and that Catherine did not get back together with Ben. Is this right or are we supposed to form our own ending?

I enjoyed the series very much but feel that this ending was really flat!

Elma, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I can't believe that there isn't a sixth episode to tie up all the loose ends in The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard! Is this some sort of gimmick in order to produce Mrs. Pritchard's Second Term?

Robert Payne
San Diego, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was thoroughly charmed by The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard. It was blissful to pretend that such a world could exist given current reality. I watched hoping beyond reason that it would spark a similar movement here in the US. Thanks for a great story.

Tim Nam
Corvallis, OR

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard, and I really enjoyed getting an insider's view of English politics. However, the ending was no fun at all! The Sopranos last episode was one thing -- there was some resolution, and then the screen went black. But here, to leave the whole thing just hanging! At least it got me thinking about what I would have done. Kudos to the show in any case. Except for the last bit, it was very well done.

Dale Hellmuth
Rohnert Park, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I really enjoyed The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard and the acting/writing was superb. Conceding to its at least somewhat fanciful premise, the believability of the characters and storyline deepened as it progressed. I admit to being dismayed by the rather abrupt ending. I guess the point was to leave to each viewer's own imagination how Mrs. Pritchard reconciled her inner conflicts. Ending it that way probably was true to the original (fanciful) premise, but it did leave me wanting more.

Kevin McCaffery
Thousand Oaks, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard was truly a remarkable piece all of television, not only did it discuss very salient political issues, it also did a wonderful job of giving Americans insight into the British political system. I would strongly encourage additional shows that deal with the political process in Great British. This is a great "backdrop" for a drama.

Chris Goller
Franklin, WI

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was extremely disappointed by the ending of The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard. After touting the value of no nonsense government, true to the highest standards, the author cops out, leaving devoted fans hanging. Betrayal by clueless author! Great story, superb acting, exceptional presentation, but for what? Mrs. Prichard was not the only one who was betrayed. Shame on you.

Edward Parker
Harlingen, TX

Masterpiece Theatre responds:
There are no more episodes to Masterpiece Theatre's The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard. The ending to the last episode was left open to the possibility of a continuing story, so you are justified in your curiosity and perhaps confusion.

Masterpiece Theatre elected to adhere to the original intent of the UK producers as well as the BBC's broadcast of the series. Ambiguity was a characteristic of the series and was central to nearly every issue Ros Pritchard faced as Prime Minister.

The situation is complicated by erroneous episode descriptions that were posted and were used by listing services. These descriptions, written very early on in the production process, referred to plot lines that were eventually dropped from the final series. Some viewers saw references to a six episode series, fueling speculation that there was more to come. As you know, Masterpiece Theatre broadcast the entire series in six hours over five weeks.

There's further confusion in that the home video release (used by some TV critics for their review of the series' broadcast) and the Canadian broadcast contained end cards on the final episode. Those cards provided viewers with an unambiguous ending, but they were not part of the originally-produced series.

Below is the text of the cards that appeared on the Canadian release as well as the home video version:

CARD 1: Ros Pritchard moved back to Eatanswill with her family. She felt she'd made her point. And history. Ian Pritchard's indiscretion fifteen years ago never became public knowledge.

CARD 2: Catherine Walker took over as leader of the Purple Alliance and Prime Minister of Great Britain. She never married.

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