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My Family and Other Animals

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My Family and Other Animals
updated 5.21.2007

Warning! Plot points may be revealed below!

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I really enjoyed My Family and Other Animals but I would like to have learned more of what became of the non-famous members of the family, and how they fared back in England during the war.

Maura Judd
Greensboro, NC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My Family and Other Animals is such a feel good movie. I love the different, quirky, dysfunctional character of each child in the family and the humorous feedback about their search for independence in a chaotic world on the verge of war. I bought this movie to help support the station and to keep me smiling. Thanks for smiles!

Theresa Yee
San Mateo, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Please, I beg of you, please give this show another airing for those of us who missed it originally. I have been wishing to revisit this quirky and delightful family since I saw the BBC series in the 1980s. I cannot wait to see Ms. Staunton in the role of mother. Have a heart -- rerun!

Deborah O'Neal
Quitman, GA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Good as the Masterpiece Theatre version was, the 1987 version with Brian Blessed, was much closer to the book, and much better.

Dorian Ford
Sacramento, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
What a wonderful treat for my family! Even my cat, I think, seemed to delight in this beautiful and witty story about life in Corfu. My husband, daughters and I are bohemians at heart; we were in awe with the idea of abandoning life in the big city and leaving behind the claustrophobic work cubicle that has become my home. As a creative lot, with our share of dysfunctionality, we loved the line about successful families being the ones you can't control. Anyway, it was better expressed by the author, but it spoke volumes to us! My daughters, although teens, have good taste and your programming is always a comfort for us parents. Thanks!

Nikki Halpert
Montreal, QC

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
My Family and Other Animals was such an enjoyable program! It was so charming I never wanted it to end. It took me back to my childhood when I too would go exploring, looking under rocks at all the insects. It felt like I was there in Corfu. So lovely.

Erika Mason

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved this movie. It was interesting, exciting, intriguing, and funny all at once! I saw it with my family and they loved it, too; we were just flipping through the channels and ran across it! Oh, yeah, I loved the soundtrack, too! I love Masterpiece Theatre!

Mercy Smith
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Only Masterpiece Theatre could possibly do justice to Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals, one of my favorite books ever. I can't tell you how many copies I have purchased (thanks, eBay!) and given to friends. Hysterically funny and lyrical. Only the British!

Kelly Cunningham

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was fascinated with the movie tonight, My Family & Other Animals! Will there be any more movies on Durrell in the future? I have many of his books on my bookshelves; his adventures are hilarious and fascinating. He did a wonderful job with the animals on his island!

Doris Warren
Des Moines, WA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The instant I turned on the TV tonight I knew I was watching one of my favorite childhood books. Now 20 years later, thank you for feeding my imagination once again with the silliness and serenity of the Durrell family and their experiences on Corfu.

Michelle Perez
Edgewater, MD

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Without explanation, KCET Public Television in Los Angeles cancelled the scheduled airing of this production this past Sunday evening, April 9, 2006. When I was finally able to get a human at KCET on the telephone the following day, she had no information as to the cancellation. I left her my name and number, and she was kind enough to call me back a while later and tell me that higher ups at the station had decided that "offending material" in the production "did not conform to recent FCC guidelines" and hence the production was to be postponed until the "offending scene(s)" could be removed. To put it mildly, I am outraged. Just what do they think they are saving us from?

Eric Klass
Los Angeles, CA

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