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Prime Suspect 6

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Prime Suspect 6
updated 11.27.2006

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I happened to view the second part of Prime Suspect 6 before the first. Because of the clarity and intelligence of the production, and the talent of everyone involved, the complexity of the storyline made as much sense as if it had been seen from start to finish. Helen Mirren has the ability to transmit feeling so clearly and spontaneously with just a tiny shift of her facial expression. The scene early on in the show where she visited a male friend was remarkable. Without DCI Tennison saying a word, the audience knew that they had been lovers, that she was angry that he hadn't called her since he had been home for a while, that she knew that the person who phoned him was a current girlfriend and that she decided her visit to him had been a foolish idea. That scene could be a master class for aspiring actors. Ms. Mirren is riveting.

Wendy Wilson
Massapequa, NY

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