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My Uncle Silas

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My Uncle Silas
updated 5.11.2004

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
To all the fans (myself included) of My Uncle Silas, I suggest borrowing the book from the library. There is a story, which has not been made into film. It takes place many years after the others and is quite touching, if not sad.

Ian Watson
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I loved My Uncle Silas. I was looking it up to see if there would be any more parts to the series and was disappointed to see that there won't. I hope you have more stories like this one. I love the time period, and Albert Finney is an excellent actor. Keep up the good work. I love Masterpiece Theatre.

Maria Butler

Note: A second series of My Uncle Silas stories is likely to air on Masterpiece Theatre during an upcoming season.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I just watched My Uncle Silas -- a truly wonderful production. I'm a 19-year-old college student and I have grown up loving Masterpiece. My comment, though perhaps curious, is about the young man who plays "young Silas" in the last sketch (in which Silas remembers losing his clothes as a lad). Does anyone know who played the part? Naked as he was, I think he was very handsome!

Manhattan, NY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I recently viewed My Uncle Silas and found it entertaining and hilarious. As usual, Masterpiece Theatre is wonderful. Some of my all time favorites are Bramwell (wish there were more episodes coming) and Upstairs, Downstairs. Do you think you will ever replay it? Current viewers of this generation would benefit much from Rose, Hudson and the others.

Kathy Hay
Fairhope, PA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The Masterpiece Theatre presentation of My Uncle Silas was the most entertaining program we have seen in years. It was lighthearted and genuinely funny. At a time in which the nation has so many serious concerns, we found it very uplifting and enjoyable. The casting and acting were simply superb. In the desert of commercial television which includes so many unfunny sitcoms, My Uncle Silas was truly an oasis of genuine laughter. If it is at all possible, please, please, re-run this program, and produce several sequels!
Thank you so very much.

Christine and Robert Martuch
Cleveland, OH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
PBS had been on that morning because of my daughter's ritual of watching Barney. I flipped on the television as I got ready for bed. The middle of the episode called "The Wedding" was on and I became interested in My Uncle Silas. I kept thinking, "What is this?" but I was too enthralled with the show to get the TV Guide. It was so good, I stayed up past my bedtime to finish viewing. What a character Uncle Silas was, and what a terrific job by the whole cast. Thank goodness for Barney or I may have missed My Uncle Silas!
Thanks for the good programming.

Jo Luxon
Richmond, KY

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Excellent show! My Uncle Silas is a great quality story that I'd love to share with my whole family. It smacks of Anne of Green Gables. I don't watch Masterpiece much, only occasionally when I flip through channels as I did last night, but what a delight! Thank you for "quality programming!"

Robert Ryan
Carmel, IN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I found the 1900-era amusement park/carnival devices in the "Silas and Goliath" episode of My Uncle Silas delightful. I was surprised that there was no credit given to whoever owned them. I did notice the name "Coronation Speedway" on the steam engine (?) driving the carousel & calliope. Does anyone in the viewing audience know the identity and location of the amusement devices, including the two types/sizes of boat swings? Thank you.

Vere Scott
Winnipeg, MB

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
May I say that I have never enjoyed a Masterpiece Theatre production more than My Uncle Silas. What a pleasure to see Albert Finney at what I think his best ever. In fact, the whole cast and direction were superb.

My goodness, hasn't this gentleman been knighted yet? If he has not, then Queen Elizabeth, he would tickle your fancy with this performance. Thank you for a lovely evening.

Rita Sayers

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
H.E. Bates' development of his character, Silas, is wonderfully succinct. The old man's lust for life; his "pure" intentions with the ladies; his wonderful lies and self lore all funnel into beautiful vignettes full of noble latitudes and longitudes to help a young 10-year-old nephew chart and measure his own way in life.

The way in which Silas enjoys life is not the lesson he leaves for the young nephew; it's that life is to be enjoyed -- but at no great expense to others.

Sam LaPrade
Warrenton, VA

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