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Take a Girl Like You

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Take a Girl Like You
updated 5.7.2002

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I'm glad to see this programming on PBS. We were flipping though the cable channels when we stumbled upon Take a Girl Like You. I was immediately drawn to it, unaware of the channel or the program name. I really enjoyed it -- and it reinforced my stance on sexual virtues, in addition to my opinion that PBS and network television are sufficient without a cable subscription. I missed the end of the Part II, so I unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) didn't know how Jenny handled the situation, but thanks to the more prudish of your viewers commenting in this Web site, I know now. I'm still trying to find the book, but would love to have a video copy also! Thanks again.

Sally W.
Columbus, OH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Don't listen to all those on this Forum who begin their comments with some variation on "We're not prudes, but..." Pah! They've forgotten what it's like be in their 20s and shot through with lust. Let those who want to sit around and sip sherry in their cardigans check out manhandled copies of Brideshead Revisited from the library. Keep challenging us!

Scott Malm
Saint Paul, MN

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