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The Virgin Queen

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The Virgin Queen
updated 5.21.2007

Warning! Plot points may be revealed below!

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I just watched Elizabeth I with Helen Mirren. As good as this movie was, I did not think that the story or the actors even come close to The Virgin Queen. I became so completely immersed in the Masterpiece Theatre production. I haven't experienced this in a film for so long. Please air it again soon!

Gretchen Orr
Columbus, OH

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I absolutely loved The Virgin Queen! I have the CD and listen to it often, but I'm not able to understand many of the words. Can you tell me where I can find the lyrics?

Susan Fisher
College Grove, TN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
As someone with an intense interest in history and the life and reign of Elizabeth I, I loved The Virgin Queen. I thought the filming and soundtrack dusted off a 500-year old story, retelling it in a way that portrayed the spirit of the Elizabethan period as it would have been experienced at the time, as something contemporary and exciting.

We often forget, when we learn about history, that it was once new too! Although not everything in the series follows history exactly, I think the interpretation of events and language is effective, and does well in condensing a cast of characters and decades of intrigue and events into something more comprehensive while still retaining historic dignity. I enjoyed hearing lines from Elizabeth's poem, On Monsieur's Departure, incorporated into the music of the Mediaeval Baebes. I also appreciated the historical accuracy in the details of the costumes, ranging from peculiar cosmetics to the pleats in the skirts to the changes in Elizabeth's own wardrobe from her days as the pious, simply-dressed, 'loosed-tressed' Lady Elizabeth to her years as the intimidating, ornate Queen. I just cannot say enough how much I enjoyed the series!

One question, though: In the final scene, Robert Cecil finds Anne Boleyn's portrait in the Coronation Ring. Is that historically accurate, or was it added for artistic purposes?

Lauren Smith
Chadron, NE

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