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The Virgin Queen

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The Virgin Queen
updated 11.27.2006

Warning! Plot points may be revealed below!

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I absolutely loved this movie. I love Anne-Marie Duff and Tom Hardy. Now I want to know everything about Elizabeth I. Thank you!

Lucyna Tatko
Kenmore, WA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The Virgin Queen was the best historical movie I have ever seen. Anne-Marie Duff was the best actress for the part. The music is the first thing that got me interested. It sent chills up my spine. Duff was so wonderful in the way she spoke. Her words and voice were so well put and proper. I don't think the movie would be what it is without her.

Shana Schofield
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I can't tell you how very much I enjoyed this series. Kudos to Anne-Marie Duff and hunky Tom Hardy! I loved everything about the drama: the scenery, the costumes, the angle of Elizabeth's early years and the fear that she faced every day of her young life. I loved most of all the acting and that music! I purchased the CD and haven't stopped playing it! Thank you, PBS, for such a wonderful experience.

Carol Conti-Stevenson
Everett, MA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The Virgin Queen aired in my area months ago, and yet I have not been able to forget it. I was wondering, and although I doubt you'll be able to provide me with this, if there was any way to contact Anne-Marie and Tom?

Lauren Zeman-Poling
White Rock, BC

Anne-Marie Duff and Tom Hardy can be contacted through their agents: Duff's is Gordon and French, 12-13 Poland Street, London, W1F 8QB, UK and Hardy's is PFD, Drury House 34-43 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5HA, UK.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Having read the views from the States I was not expecting much from this series, but we have just had Episode 3 screened here on the BBC and I cannot disagree more with you all regarding the music. The Mediaeval Baebes have added a spine-tingling electricity to Martin's music, which boldly avoids the stereotypical periodism audiophilic ghetto. So much so, I've bought a copy of the soundtrack CD!

Osama Pigott-Smith

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I'm not an expert on the era, but I thoroughly enjoyed this production. I was caught by the humanity and lightness, as well as the personal sacrifice of the time. Great acting.

Debra Marsteller
Costa Mesa, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Loved it! Loved it! In response to viewer G. Walsh's comments: The dialogue was done in a way so that the 21st-century viewer would understand it. If you look up Elizabeth's letters and the "dialogue" then, it would be too difficult to understand today!

As far as L. Demilio's comments: it uses Elizabethan music, with the bodhran drum and the claps, lavotte music (which Elizabeth loved to dance to), but along with it a cool, hip guitar and sort of rock-n-roll accompaniment. Some of the chants were in Latin, which was cool. There was no shrieking in it at all and the "hallelujah" chorus was beautiful!

As for Lola Lee's comments, I thought the costumes were dead on. The wig? Take a look at a painting of the real Elizabeth; it is of those times. The makeup was also dead on -- that makeup was supposed to look grotesque compared to makeup today. Sorry you didn't watch the second part, you missed out. There were some very good sword fights and political intrigue going on. And Elizabeth never covered her hair; she was too vain, remember?

I do agree with C. Williams -- the music did drown out some of the dialogue.

As for J. Brewer, the word "ghastly" sounds like a dowdy old man. I thought the soundtrack was as good as Gladiator or even Braveheart.

The actress portraying Elizabeth did such a tremendous job of going from a teenager to a 70-year-old woman -- she did a superb job. And I don't know why you all are complaining about the history -- I looked up Elizabeth's speeches. They took some of them word for word, i.e. her golden speech, the speech to her troops, even her biography in many sites, and this is the closest I've seen to a peek inside her real and intimate world. This was not supposed to be a boring docudrama. It was definitely better than Henry VIII and its soundtrack.

I'm trying to order the movie and guess what? There's a waiting list. It's on backorder. This movie was obviously a hit. The people who loved it obviously showed their compliments with a bigger voice -- by buying the movie.

Anne R
Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Just to let you know I thought this was a superb production. The choral group Mediaeval Baebes provided a surprising and refreshing soundtrack. Thank you for all the wonderful programs.

Ted Holmbeck
Arroyo Grande, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I watched The Virgin Queen and I must say it was one of the best things that I have seen in a long time. I became so intrigued by Elizabeth I that I went and learned and I am still learning as much as I can. Thank you for such a stimulating piece. I wish others programs would inspire such a thirst for knowledge.

Rebecca Banks
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Who did the music and sound effects for this production? Some teenagers at the WB network?

Parisha Pakroo
San Francisco, CA

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