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Warrior Queen

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Warrior Queen
updated 2.7.2006

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I was extremely disappointed with this production. Not only was the dialogue trite (corny, stereotyped) it was so obviously out of context with the time period and sounded so '21st-century American' that it was laughable. The acting was farcical. It sorely lacked the fine quality I've come to expect from Masterpiece Theatre. There is so much unintelligent stuff on TV these days. We don't need more.

G. Walsh
British Columbia

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
A very silly production about two sets of ancient peoples, both of which have modern-day attitudes and use modern-day colloquialisms. For heaven's sake, there was even a Merlin-type king-maker (or rather, queen-maker) character who could do real magic!

I didn't mind the brutality portrayed -- the times were brutal -- but I expected a story and characters truer to the time. They sounded like they could have walked off any TV show made in the last few years. If the writers wanted to do an uninspired Xena retread, they should have focused on creating original fantasy characters instead of mangling a real person and selling the fantasy as something historically accurate.

I will say that it was unintentionally funny in a number of places.

Sheryl Anderson
Seattle, WA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I've let too long pass without praising Masterpiece Theatre for the outstanding production Warrior Queen. While I fully appreciate some of your viewers' comments regarding a lack of historical accuracy, I cannot say that for me it diminishes the impact of this incredibly powerful production. I loved it and found myself talking about it for weeks! Alex Kingston's portrayal was absolutely riveting -- she held nothing back! Thank you for such wonderful casting.

I must say that I was dismayed by some viewers' comments about the rape scene. I found the scene painful to watch (as well it should have been), but think it is an important testimony to the horrors of war. I am glad that this scene was not glossed over or left out of the script. I found the production of the scene to be painfully raw and real, including the part where the heroine wills herself to get up. I was thoroughly engaged and captivated by the entire production. Thank you for such great programming. There is none better.

Elisa Maistrellis-Ryng
Hampton, NH

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