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The Way We Live Now
updated 11.21.2006

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I found this miniseries very entertaining. The performances were well played! In particular, Matthew MacFadyen is outstanding as Felix -- such range. As it is a re-broadcast from 2003, thank you for re-playing it. I am enjoying it and Matthew MacFadyen's performance, indeed.

Kathy Anderson
San Francisco, CA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I am 16 and have been reading Trollope's book after seeing Masterpiece Theatre's splendid adaptation, The Way We Live Now. I loved it and have actually bought the series to watch at home.

I think the characters all epitomize our true selves. Look at Melmotte; he represents the greed in all of us. To me, Roger Carbury embodies the morality we hold on to. And don't we all know a person like Felix Carbury? I think that this book is one of the best stories I have ever read because it is about true human nature.

Truthfully, I first watched the series because of Cillian Murphy. (I am a big fan.) As I watched, however, the whole cast was so superb and the script so entrancing that I began to love the story itself. The Way We Live Now should be required reading in high schools, and everyone should watch the series. Thanks!

Irene Alfonso
Miami, FL

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