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Wives and Daughters
updated 4.8.2003

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I'm fifteen years old and I thought Wives and Daughters was perfect. It hit all the right chords and kept me wondering all week what would happen next to Molly and Cynthia. I loved the ending, which showed Molly and her husband in Africa. I was hoping that they would get together at the end of the movie. I am curious though as to what happened to the grandson who had scarlet fever. Was he O.K. in the end? I think this production is definitely a "chick flick." I asked for the DVD for my birthday and was disappointed when I didn't get it. Apparently my mom couldn't find it in local stores. Is the DVD only available through PBS? Out of curiosity do you ever do sequels? I think Wives and Daughters could have a great sequel. I'm looking forward to other Masterpiece productions that are similar to Wives and Daughters. Suggestions I have for stories are Calico Captive and The Witch of Blackbird Pond, both written by Elizabeth George Speare. Thank you for listening to my praise of Wives and Daughters and to my suggestions. Have a nice day, and keep the "chick flicks" coming!

Lynn Millard
Marilla, NY

Wives and Daughters is available on both videotape and DVD. Check out our Shop link for this and other titles.

Baby Roger (Aimée and Osborne's son) does survive his illness; he is seen in one of the last scenes of the film playing with his grandfather at a garden party.

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Tonight, while I was channel surfing, I came across a television broadcast [Wives and Daughters] that was so brilliantly written I was mesmerized. I am a period-piece lover and I am so happy to be able to watch these broadcasts on TPT channel 2. I hope to see more nineteenth-century time sets on here. Keep up the excellent work!

Andrea-Charleen Deutsch
Coon Rapids, MN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Wives and Daughters was an excellent production, one of Masterpiece Theatre's finest ever, I'd say.

Patrick Rist
Bon Aqua, TN

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
The production of Wives and Daughters was grand and in the fine tradition I expect from Masterpiece Theatre. I did purchase the DVD set shortly after Wives and Daughters aired in my part of the world. I especially enjoyed the background pieces on the DVD featuring the actors and actresses commenting on the roles they played and those they interacted with. I believe it is easy to follow the great writers of literature because the nature of people and how they behave with one another within or outside of their family hasn't changed much over the centuries. The dress and hair and speech may be different, but not the attitudes or reactions to the situations given them. I also wanted to comment on the wonderful music and dance scenes in Wives and Daughters. I thought it immensely entertaining and not always given a lot of attention.

I await the showing of Othello later in January. I think Keeley Hawes has great presence -- she seems to have wit and intelligence, and I enjoy the way she can convey a message with body language. I know there have been some comments about her choice of recent roles where she is less dressed than in the costume dramas. But I am pleased to see her venturing out. I understand her not wanting to become typecast. It's also good to read about her family support in her decisions to undertake these roles, such as Lois in The Last September and as Yvonne in Complicity.

So bravo to the casting directors for giving us opportunities to watch young actresses like Keeley and Justine Waddell as their careers blossom and they mature in their skills.

Gail Ann Levis
Davenport, IA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I cannot tell you how much my mother, my friends, and I have enjoyed watching Wives and Daughters. I received the video as a gift, and when my best friend watched it, she became addicted. She had to watch the whole story in a couple of days! I told her she was lucky -- when I first watched it on PBS, I had to wait each week to find out what would happen.

Janey Moffat

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
After watching your fine presentation of Wives and Daughters, I immediately went out and read the book. I was incredibly impressed to discover that doing so did not diminish my opinion of the mini-series at all. It was wonderful to find an adaptation that did the original novel justice. This is a very rare phenomenon. Well done.

Katherine Kiss
London, ON

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Wives and Daughters has been the first Masterpiece Theatre production that I have watched. I am a high school student, and was surprised by how captivated I became with it. I was addicted, and for four Sunday nights I sat by myself and watched Molly's trials and tribulations. It was wonderful, and I cannot wait for it to come out on video.

Alex Lee
Warrenton, VA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
Wives and Daughters was a wonderful production. The acting was breathtaking. Several times I had the rare experience of crying and laughing at the same time. Justine Waddell, as Molly, was a particular joy.

I agree with the viewer who wrote that Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South would be an excellent choice for a future Masterpiece Theatre production.

I'd also appreciate your considering Harriet Martineau's Deerbrook for production. This 1839 novel may have influenced Elizabeth Gaskell. Like Wives and Daughters, Deerbrook concerns village life, two very different sisters, and a drastic mistake in the selection of a spouse.

Joe Orton
Tucson, AZ

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I want to thank you for the brilliant production of Wives and Daughters. When I was in high school, I discovered a copy of the book in a bargain book store and, out of curiosity, I read it. At the time, I had started making a list of things that I would like to do in my lifetime. The book was absolutely delightful and I loved it so much that I added to the list "Write a screenplay for Wives and Daughters." You have beaten me to it, and I am grateful -- it has been four years since I'd read the book last and I'd forgotten much of the story. The actors did a wonderful job, the screenplay is true to the book, and I thought the ending was perfect!

I've only seen a few Masterpiece Theatre productions, but I am now sucked in and shall be tuning in more often. I enjoy the great works of literature that you show and wish that TV had more programming like it. I am saddened that I have missed so many -- do you ever re-air old Masterpiece Theatres? There are countless ones that I hate to think that I missed. Thank you for programming at its best!

Elise Cole
Newark, DE

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I have to compliment and thank you for giving us Wives and Daughters. It was wonderful! My mother and I sat down faithfully on Sunday nights, asked my dad to take all phone calls, and immersed ourselves in Elizabeth Gaskell's work. The last time my mother and I both sat down to watch a program together it was Pride and Prejudice, which we have now seen many times over. I thank you for such a wonderful adaptation, and for such quality programming. Please keep up the great work! Thank you.

Ubah Pathan
Manassas, VA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I came upon Wives and Daughters by accident during the second episode. I was so intrigued that I marched right to the book store and bought the novel. I had been longing for an author who could follow my Jane Austen stories (which I have thoroughly exhausted). I was so pleased with Elizabeth Gaskell's story that I decided to wait until I finished the book to watch the movie, but the series ended. How do I get my hands on the video? Will it be coming out soon? I want to share it will my family. From what I saw during that one episode, I am certain we will love it!

Tricia Fuglestad
Hoffman Estates, IL

Wives and Daughters is available on both home video and DVD from BBC Video™

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I enjoyed your production of Wives and Daughters. The characters were wonderful, and the end was so touching! I want to read the book, but have not been able to find it anywhere yet. Thank you for showing this production.

Lydia Shoup
Dublin, GA

Dear Masterpiece Theatre,
I am 14 and watched Wives and Daughters with my mom. We both loved it. It has charm, romance, a great storyline, suspense and much more. The story is a bit like Cinderella. I especially liked the main character, Molly. We kept guessing what would happen next. I was sad that the series ended -- we didn't know what to do on Sundays anymore! The show was the highlight of our day. I am trying to see if it's possible to rent the series, because I know it's for sale. We hope we can fill our Sundays with the new show, Aristocrats. Thanks PBS, we would like to see Wives and Daughters shown again in the near future.

Lara Singh
Apple Valley, MN

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