Foyle's War: Series VI

Airing May 9, 2010 on PBS   Check local listings

If the idea was that the end of the war would bring everyone together, then the disheartening reality is sinking in. Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) and Samantha "Sam" Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) see a swell of prejudice as black American GIs stationed near Bristol are fighting a war against intolerance. Mandy Dean (Charlotte Riley, Wuthering Heights), a young, single mother, has trouble finding a home, ostracized even by her own family. To make matters worse, a random crime spree seems to be targeting Bristol. After all that suffering in the war, has nothing changed? Mandy finds relief in the capable hands of Sam, now helping to operate a guest house run by her budding love interest Adam Wainwright. But when Mandy's ex-boyfriend, conscientious objector Tommy Duggan returns to find the baby he didn't father, the simmering tension in Hastings turns deadly. Foyle steps in, and before it is over, he'll confront the US Army as well as the deep roots of bigotry.

Q&A: Creator Anthony Horowitz
Horowitz opens up about the return of Foyle, the history behind the new episodes and the future of Foyle.

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