Foyle's War: Series VI

Airing May 2, 2010 on PBS   Check local listings

The war is over in Europe, the dawn of a new era at hand, and much has changed — for Samantha "Sam" Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) and Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) at least. Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle's (Michael Kitchen) retirement ambitions have hit another snag, and he's still bound to his old job and a new case. A Russian POW is on the run, an eminent resident is dead, and Milner, as the new Detective Inspector in the Brighton police force and eager to be out of Foyle's shadow, is on the case. Milner has his eye on an obvious suspect in the murder, but Foyle is taking a more circumspect view of the case. Why is the War Office so intent on tracking down one particular Russian POW anyway? The answer will put Foyle in grave danger like never before, and shed a searing light on secrets of the British government.

Q&A: Creator Anthony Horowitz
Horowitz opens up about the return of Foyle, the history behind the new episodes and the future of Foyle.

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