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Meet the characters and cast of Framed

Be introduced to Manod's colorful inhabitants. Click on any of the major characters in Framed to learn how they fit into the story, and also about the careers of the actors who portray them.

Quentin Lester

As curator at London's National Gallery, Lester is an aesthete who prefers paintings to people. He is intolerant of peoples' humanity, allowing only his Lexus and skinny macchiato decafs to penetrate the bubble he's created around himself and the old masters.

Played by:
Trevor Eve

Trevor Eve's Quentin Lester is a man of narrowly focused passions. But Eve himself, a veteran of film, theater and television (Masterpiece's David Copperfield, Waking the Dead), started out as a student of architecture before studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. After a fall in a polo accident broke his back and temporarily prevented him from walking, he and his wife, actress Sharon Maughan, started a production company, Projector Productions. He identifies his passions as family, golf, tennis, squash and... painting.

Bethan (Mum) Hughes

Mother Bethan tries to hold her family together when her debt-ridden husband leaves. She gets swept up in the children's optimism and action, ever protective of their high hopes and ever mindful of their vulnerability.

Played by:
Nicola Reynolds

Cardiff-based Welsh actress Nicola Reynolds has appeared in a number of BBC productions including Clocking Off, Ideal, and High Hopes. She starred in the 1999 film Human Traffic.

Dylan Hughes

When financial and marital woes drive his father away, 10-year-old Dylan feels the pressure of being man of the house, desperately hoping that saving the family business will bring his Dad back home. An encounter with Quentin Lester inspires the boy that he can rescue the family business as well as change lives within the community.

Played by:
Samuel Davies

Wales native Samuel Davies, son of actor Huw Davies, has appeared in two episodes of Doctor Who.

Minnie Hughes

Criminal mastermind-in-training Minnie Hughes is ready to perpetrate the crime of the century with her big brother Dylan.

Played by:
Mari Ann Bull

Ten-year-old Wales native Mari Ann Bull has been acting since the age of five. She appeared as Chloe in the British television series Y Pris.

Angharad Stannard

Fiesty and eccentric schoolteacher Angharad understands that many choose to leave communities as small and remote as Manod, but she has chosen to remain and embrace it. As the heart of the village, she knows all its secrets and approaches them all with generosity and humor.

Played by:
Eve Myles

Once called "Wales' best-kept secret" by Casanova screenwriter Russell T. Davis, who created the role of Gwen for her in Torchwood, Eve Myles was last seen on Masterpiece taking time off from her sci-fi gun-slinging to appear as Maggy in Little Dorrit. She has appeared in a number of other BBC television series including Doctor Who and Merlin.

Mr. Davis

The eccentric butcher Davis loves Elvis and loathes liver, but it's Monet's The Bathers at La Grenouillère that elicits a profound reaction from the man about whom Angharad says, "The heart has its reasons."

Played by:
Robert Pugh

Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, Robert Pugh has appeared in several Masterpiece productions, most recently as DS Alun Simms in Prime Suspect 7, and as the Reverend Mr. Chadband in Bleak House. Other Masterpiece credits include Miss Marple: A Murder is Announced, The Virgin Queen and Prime Suspect 6. On the big screen, Pugh has appeared in Enigma and Master and Commander.

Edith Sellwood

Agoraphobic traffic-violating spinster Edith is caretaker and bickering partner extraordinaire of her blind sister Edna.

Played by:
Margaret John

Called a "national treasure" by the BBC, Welsh actress Margaret John has a wealth of screen credits in the course of her long career, including appearances in both the 1968 and 2006 versions of Doctor Who. She's made recent turns in The Vagina Monologues, a touring production of Calendar Girls and on the BBC series Gavin and Stacey.

Edna Sellwood

The self-described subject of one of the film's many paintings, elderly spinster Edna is now blind, but that doesn't stop her from driving, bickering with her sister all the while.

Played by:
Gwyneth Petty

Welsh actress Gwyneth Petty made her start as a child actress in the 1951 portrait of the life of a Welsh mining family, David. She has appeared in numerous television movies, series, and feature films.

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