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Under the Greenwood Tree
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Web Links

Thomas Hardy

The Thomas Hardy Association
Presided over by an international team of scholars, The Thomas Hardy Association was founded in 1997 to preserve and encourage the study and appreciation of Hardy's writing. The Web site provides links to information about his life, his novels, his poetry and drama, notable Web sites and more. Joining a discussion group that offers searchable forum archives is an option at the site.

The Thomas Hardy Society
Forty years after Hardy's death, The Thomas Hardy Society was established with the aim of bringing together Hardy enthusiasts and upholding Hardy's legacy through scholarly endeavors. The Society publishes The Thomas Hardy Journal three times a year, organizes conferences and publishes articles and reports. Visit the Web site to become a member, submit a paper, peruse upcoming events or just catch up on news and extracts from the latest Thomas Hardy Journal.

The Victorian Web: Thomas Hardy
Study Hardy's work in terms of literary relationships, characterization, political, and religious contexts, themes, settings and more. A biography of Hardy, a chronology of his life and a comprehensive gallery of photos are also on hand. Maintained by George P. Landow, professor of English and Art History at Brown University, The Victorian Web is a vast resource for those interested in the Victorian period. Information about authors of all genres is accessible; the Hardy section offers substantial content.

Thomas Hardy's Wessex
These pages, hosted by the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, examine the evolution of a Thomas Hardy trademark -- the imaginary region of Wessex. Wessex is discussed here as it developed, a fictional concept in Hardy's writing, and as a marketing concept. Relevant Hardy letters and quotes, a timeline, maps and contemporary reviews are also provided.

Hardy's World
Created by professors at three liberal arts colleges (Gettysburg, Franklin & Marshall and Dickinson), Hardy's World provides a timeline of Thomas Hardy's life complete with photos. Click to view pages about Hardy's novels, short fiction and poetry or read selected student papers on the cultural contexts of Thomas Hardy and his work, such as religion and philosophy, social concerns, folklore and music, sciences and gender issues.

Thomas Hardy Miscellany
Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, has made available archived editions of the Miscellany, a Thomas Hardy magazine featuring articles, reviews, essays, reflections, narratives, and photographs. Link to photographs related to Hardy's life and writing, and to an online version of the 1929 edition of Thomas Hardy, Novelist or Poet? by A. Edward Newton.

The Literary Encyclopedia: Thomas Hardy
Throughout the more than fifty years he spent writing, Thomas Hardy always felt that his achievements as a novelist eclipsed his poetic ambitions. This account follows Hardy from his early years as an architect, to his financial success as a distinguished writer, exploring his frustration trying to make a livelihood from poetry, his relationships and marital troubles, and the critical acclaim he received along the way. The Literary Encyclopedia is an authoritative, up-to-date reference work written by named scholars.

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Under the Greenwood Tree and other works

Project Gutenberg: Under the Greenwood Tree
Under the Greenwood Tree is available here, in its entirety, along with many other Thomas Hardy texts. Project Gutenberg is a 30-year-old organization dedicated to making significant texts accessible and free to readers.

The Collected Short Stories of Thomas Hardy
The English Department at the University of Aberdeen's School of Language and Literature, has made available online bibliographies of Thomas Hardy's short stories. Link to some original illustrations from selected stories or view a chronology of short stories, which provides Thomas Hardy life events and other writings as they occurred.

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Southwest England in the 1800s

A Vision of Britain Through Time: The South West
The Great Britain Historical GIS Project is based in the Department of Geography at the University of Portsmouth. The digital experience they have created here offers a chance to examine how Britain has changed over the last 200 years, with information that comes from census reports, historical gazetteers, travelers' tales and historic maps. Choose a location; the South West, for example, and explore the locale in terms of population, work and poverty, social class, roots and religion, and more.

The Regional Tourist Board: South West England
Bristol, Bath, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds, Somerset and Wiltshire: These are the regions that make up the South West of England. Primarily a site for tourists, is one the Regional Tourist Board's official Web sites of South West tourism. Travelers may find information on where to stay, events, travel and places of interest. Click on 'Famous People' to learn about the many people, including adventurers and explorers, poets and artists, astronomers and military figures who have called southwestern of England home.

Thomas Hardy Country
As this absorbing collection of images demonstrates, some of the countryside around Thomas Hardy's cottage in Dorset is much the same today as it was in the 19th century. Organized by a Hardy aficionado, photos of the cottage, the surrounding country and many other places connected to the great writer are presented here, accompanied by biographical information. Read about Hardy's years in Dorchester and Bockhampton, his life in London and Tryphena Sparks, the woman whose relationship with and influence on the young Hardy has been the cause of much discussion.
Ever wondered what the Dorset dialect sounds like, or been curious about the Dorset Domesday Book? This site covers these and other aspects of Dorset County history in the South of England. Compare old maps with those of today, read about Dorset poets including Thomas Hardy, and browse picture-filled links to places of interest. Click on the 'Dorsetshire Archive' for a wealth of additional images and history, or try your hand at some Dorsetshire related puzzles and quizzes.

Dorset County Museum
To see the largest collection of Hardy memorabilia in the world, including manuscripts, books, diaries and photographs, you'd have to visit the Dorset County Museum itself. The Museum's Web site, however, offers a glimpse of Dorset, the place where Thomas Hardy spent most of his life. Read a biography of Hardy and learn about other famous Dorset writers.

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About Thomas Hardy

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Southwest England in the 1800s

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By Thomas Hardy

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