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Henry VIII
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Henry VIII

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The companion Web site to the PBS series The Six Wives of Henry VIII is an entertaining exploration of Tudor England, King Henry VIII and his six wives. Biographical pages uncover the fine points of the lives of each wife, while Portrait of a King provides insight into King Henry VIII, the man: his looks, temperament, interests, love-life, etc. Quizzes and interactive features further engage the viewer in discovering details of Tudor life.

BBCi History: Historic Figures -- King Henry VIII
The BBCi's extensive History Web site offers extensive links from this biography page about Henry VIII. Options include "The Mary Rose: a Great Ship," "What the Tudors and the Stuarts Did For Us," and a timeline of Tudor history chronicling the accession of Henry VIII.

Henry VIII Revealed
Despite living many years before the dawn of photography, Henry VIII remains one of history's most recognizable monarchs. This National Museums Liverpool site examines four major portraits of King Henry VIII, within the context of his reign. Discover the fascinating story of Holbein's Whitehall mural, the first life-size full- length portrait to be created of a monarch, and learn why these commissions served more than just decorative purposes in the King's court.

Tudor History
View an original score written by Henry VIII, read a primary source document about the coronation of Anne Boleyn or peruse menus from the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. Profiles of the Tudor monarchs, including Henry VIII, are available as well as a picture gallery for each reigning sovereign and Henry's six wives. Link to pages that cover life in Tudor times including calendars, glossaries, maps, genealogical trees, Tudor architecture and more. This personal site is created by Lara E. Eakins.

Hampton Court Palace
One of King Henry VIII's favorite palaces (he had more than sixty) and certainly one of the best known, Hampton Court Palace is a magnificent example of contemporary architecture and lavish accommodations in 1540. These Hampton Court Palace Web pages come from the official site of Historic Royal Palaces and cover the history of Hampton Court from 1236 to the present day.

History of the Monarchy -- The Tudors
From the official Web site of the British Monarchy, this web page gives a brief overview of the Tudor dynasty while a drop down menu provides access to biographies of each monarch. Read about matters of leadership and love dominating the reign of King Henry VIII.

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Henry VIII

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The Six Wives

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Tudor England and The Monarchy

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