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The Hound of the Baskervilles
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Now comes the mystery...
Test your powers of detection via this exercise in memory and observation.

What does he learn... ? How does he know...? What was the motivation...? Why does he...? Who...? When...? Where...?

The lure of the moor
Remote and legendary, England's moors set the scene.

"While London entered an age of electric light and the internal combustion engine, Dartmoor was more like the American Wild West -- bleak, inhospitable, and lawless..."

Arthur Conan Doyle
A biography of Conan Doyle -- medical doctor, author, spiritualist.

"While Sherlock Holmes took on a life of his own, Conan Doyle grew weary of his creation and began looking for a way to kill him off. In his autobiography, he confessed, 'The idea was in my mind when I went on holiday with my wife to Switzerland, in the course of which we saw the wonderful falls of Reichenbach, a terrible place, and one which I thought would make a worthy tomb for Sherlock, even if I buried my banking account with him..'"

Through the magnifying glass
Explore the intersection between forensic science and the genre of detective literature.

"... The reader's first impression of Holmes is that of an ecstatic chemist who has just found a test for bloodstains -- the enthusiasm with which he expounds on this discovery, which he describes as 'the most practical medico-legal discovery for years,' is both humorous and infectious. And even in this moment of personal triumph, his thought is directed towards his ultimate task -- the detection of crime: 'Had this test been invented, there are hundreds of men now walking the earth who would long ago have paid the penalty of their crimes...'"

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