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Island at War
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The Channel Islands and the Occupation

Holocaust Memorial Day and Channel Islands Occupation Memorial
Occupation Memorial, a partnership of the Jersey Evening Post, the Jersey Heritage Trust and the Société Jersiaise is a memorial to those who suffered and died during the German occupation of the Channel Islands. As well as an extensive photographic archive and footage of forced workers laboring on the island, this Web site offers survivor testimonies, accounts of forced laborers and resistance fighters, lists of those who perished or were deported and much more.

The Société Jersiaise
Founded in 1973, The Société Jersiaise aspires to promote the history, archaeology, natural history, and other subjects of interest in the Island of Jersey. This Web site offers a searchable photo archive containing images from the mid-1840s to the present day. Individual member pages contain numerous first-hand accounts of life on the Islands during the German occupation of World War II as well as information on local ornithology and marine biology. History: Where I Live - Guernsey History: Where I Live - Jersey

These sites focus on Guernsey and Jersey, the two largest Channel Islands. A timeline of important events in Guernsey goes back to the 11th century and includes extensive detail concerning the German occupation. Among other features, visitors can view photographs of the islands, read about the Jersey War Tunnels, discover island folklore, and peruse related articles. Contemporary news links are included. From the BBC.

Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey Branch)
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey Branch)

These sites for the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey and Jersey Branches) offer information about German fortifications on the islands and the German Occupation Museum. Photos and details about various German personnel from the time are provided as well as information regarding visiting historical sites.

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Personal Accounts

The Jersey Schoolboy's Story: The German occupation of Jersey in the Channel Islands
Brian Ahier Read, author of several books about the Channel Islands during World War II, was a 12-year-old boy when the Germans arrived in Jersey in 1940. Here, he remembers the early days of the occupation, and offers links (not necessarily specific to the Channel Islands) to other wartime stories, eyewitness accounts, recipes during rations (including "Grilled Pigeon" and "Mock Fried Sausages," made of white cabbage and potatoes) and an interactive map.

Jersey Under the Swastika!
Philip Frederick Le Sauteur, a Jersey native who died in 1967, kept a meticulous diary of events during the German Occupation of Jersey. Jersey Under the Swastika! is comprised of 14 chapters and is actually an abridged version of an original 5 volumes. In addition to this fascinating personal narrative, there is also a brief history of Jersey available in English and in French.

My Life, by Reg Langlois
This personal account by Reg Langlois includes details of the author's family history along with photos. In early chapters, Langlois remembers his childhood growing up on Jersey during the German Occupation and describes the subsequent liberation by allied forces in May 1945.

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