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The Brontës

The Brontë Sisters Web
This English-language site at Nagoya University (Japan) includes links to etexts of works by the Brontë sisters, critical essays, reader's guides and bibliographies. The Life of Charlotte Brontë by Elizabeth Gaskell is also offered here as an online text. Some destinations (notably, a Brontë discussion board) require a Japanese browser.

The Victorian Web: Charlotte Brontë
Created in 1985 by Professor George P. Landow and hosted at Brown University, the Victorian Web is a resource for all English literature courses at Brown that tap the period. Its content addresses the social, literary and economic tenor of the times. It is searchable and includes both a bibliography and a list of additional Web resources. This particular section of the site is for all things Charlotte Brontë; learn about the life and work of her sisters Anne and Emily by visiting the following links:

Anne Brontë: An Overview
Emily Brontë: An Overview

The Brontë Sisters at Project Gutenberg
Works by the Brontë sisters available through Project Gutenberg include:

Anne Brontë (Acton Bell)

Charlotte Brontë (Currer Bell)

Emily Brontë (Ellis Bell)

The Brontë Parsonage Museum and Brontë Society
This Web site, created by the UK National Grid for Learning, provides information about the Brontë Parsonage Museum (in Haworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire), a chronology of the Brontë family, a family tree and a good deal of family history. A synopsis of each of the Brontë novels is available as well as profiles of all family members including the Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls, Charlotte's husband, and 'Tabby,' the family servant.

The Brontë Birthplace
"To visit both this house and the parsonage at Haworth deepens and enriches the Brontë experience." So reports a visitor to the Brontë birthplace in Bradford, West Yorkshire. If an actual visit is not an option, this online experience offers a history of the house and evocative descriptions of the village where the Brontë sisters grew up.

Joyce Carol Oates on Emily & Charlotte Brontë
Celestial Timepiece: A Joyce Carol Oates Home Page is a resource hosted by the University of San Francisco for scholars and fans of Oates's work. Three essays on the Brontës are available here: Jane Eyre: An Introduction, Declaration of Independence (about the "directness, even bluntness, of [Jane Eyre's] voice) and The Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights.

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Jane Eyre

The Penguin Reader's Group Website: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
What do Jane Eyre and Harry Potter have in common? From the Penguin Reader's Group Web site comes this thoughtful commentary on Jane Eyre, which answers that question and ponders such things as the chemistry between Jane and Rochester, how much of the novel is autobiographical, and the source of the strong religious element to the story.

Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre
This introduction to Jane Eyre from Lilia Melani, Department of English at Brooklyn College looks at the novel in terms of its conflicts and struggles, its point of view and its innovations. Background on the Brontës, contemporary reviews of Jane Eyre, a course syllabus and discussion questions are also provided.

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The Victorian Governess

The Victorian Governess Novel
An excerpt from the introductory chapter of The Victorian Governess Novel by Cecelia Wadsö Lecaros. Lecaros discusses the Victorian governess in terms of the nineteenth-century novel, referencing a number of novels featuring governess heroines from that period. A page from Professor George P. Landow's Victorian Web.

The Victorian Governess
An informative account of life as a Victorian governess. Using Jane Eyre as an example, Dr. Christine Roth (at the University of Wisconsin/Oshkosh Department of English) provides quotes from the novel and from Charlotte Brontë herself, to illustrate the true experience of life as an educated family servant in the nineteenth-century.

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Works by Charlotte Brontë

Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, 1846
with Emily and Anne Brontë

Jane Eyre, 1847

Shirley, 1849

The Professor, 1857

Villette, 1853

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Charlotte Brontë and the Brontë Family

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Jane Eyre

Hoeveler, Diane Long and Beth Lau. Approaches to Teaching Bronte's Jane Eyre. Modern Language Association of America, 1993.

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The Victorian Governess

Beatty, J.W. The Story of the Governesses' Benevolent Institution. London, 1961.

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Jane Eyre (1997) (Television)
UK, Color
Directed by Robert Young
Screenplay by Richard Hawley, Kay Mellor and Peter Wright

Deborah Findlay - Mrs. Reed
Laura Harling - Young Jane
Joanna Scanlan - Bessie
Ben Sowden - John Reed
Barbara Keogh - Miss Abbot
David Gant - Mr. Brocklehurst
Emily Joyce - Miss Temple
Gemma Eglinton - Helen Burns
Ruth Mitchell - Miss Scatchered
Dominique Belcourt - Anna
Samantha Morton - Jane Eyre
Gemma Jones - Mrs. Fairfax
Timia Berthome - Adele (as Timia Berthomé)
Hermione Gulliford - Sophie
Ciarán Hinds - Edward Rochester
Abigail Cruttenden - Blanche Ingram
Richenda Carey - Lady Ingram
Richard Hawley - Richard Mason
Val McLane - Grace Poole
Kay Mellor - Mrs. Cooper
Sophie Reissner - Bertha Rochester
Peter Wight - Clergyman
Rupert Penry-Jones - St John Rivers
Elizabeth Garvie - Diana Rivers

Jane Eyre (1996)
Also known as Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre
France, Italy, UK, Color
Directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Screenplay by Hugh Whitemore and Franco Zeffirelli

Anna Paquin - Young Jane Eyre
Nic Knight - John Reed
Nicola Howard - Eliza Reed
Sasha Graff - Georgiana Reed
Fiona Shaw - Mrs. Reed
John Wood - Mr. Brocklehurst
Geraldine Chaplin - Miss Scatcherd
Amanda Root - Miss Temple
Leanne Rowe - Helen Burns
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Jane Eyre
Richard Warwick - John
Judith Parker - Leah
Joan Plowright - Mrs. Fairfax
Joséphine Serre - Adele (as Josephine Serre)
Billie Whitelaw - Grace Poole
William Hurt - Rochester
Simon Beresford - Henry Eshton
Chris Larkin - Frederick Lynn
Elle Macpherson - Blanche Ingram
Miranda Forbes - Lady Ingram
Ann Queensberry - Lady Lynn
Sheila Burrell - Lady Eshton
Sara Stevens - Amy Eshton
Oriane Messina - Louisa Eshton
Marissa Dunlop - Mary Ingram
Julian Fellowes - Colonel Dent
Barry Martin - Sir George Lynn
Walter Sparrow - Lord Eshton
Steffan Boje - Party Guest
Golda Broderick - Mrs. Bennett
Edward de Souza - Mason (as Edward De Souza)
John Tranter - Dr. Carter
Samuel West - St. John Rivers
Charlotte Attenborough - Mary Rivers
Ralph Nossek - Reverend Wood
Peter Woodthorpe - Briggs
Maria Schneider - Bertha

Jane Eyre (1983) (Television)
UK, Color
Directed by Julian Amyes
Screenplay by Alexander Baron

Zelah Clarke - Jane Eyre
Timothy Dalton - Edward Fairfax Rochester
Sian Pattenden - Jane as a Child
Judy Cornwell - Mrs. Reed
Robert James - Brocklehurst
Kate David - Bessie
Sally Osborne - Miss Temple
Christine Labsalom - Miss Miller
Avril Clark - Miss Scatchered
Mary Kenton - Miss Smith
Elma Soiron - Mme. Pierrot
Colette Barker - Helen Burns
Jean Harvey - Mrs. Fairfax
Blance Youinou - Adele
Joolia Cappleman - Bertha
Carol Gillies - Grace Poole
Christopher Burgess - Carter
Eve Matheson - Leah
Mary Tamm - Blanche Ingram
Gabrielle Glaister - Amy Eshton
David Dodimead - Colonel Dent
Damien Thomas - Richard Mason
Richard Borthwick - Sam
Roger Walker - Robert Leaven
Tracey Childs - Georgiana Reed
Emma Jacobs - Eliza Reed
Colin Jeavons - Briggs
Lockwood West - Wood
Andrew Bicknell - St. John Rivers
Morag Hood - Mary Rivers
Elaine Donnelly - Diana Rivers
Anne Dyson - Hannah
James Marcus - John
Sylvia Brayshay - Maria

Jane Eyre (1973) (Television)
UK, Color
Directed by Joan Craft
Screenplay by Robin Chapman

Sorcha Cusack - Jane Eyre
Michael Jayston - Edward Rochester
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Stephanie Beacham - Blanche Ingram
Susan Brodrick - Mary Rivers
Caroline Harris - Diana Rivers
Jean Harvey - Mrs. Reed
Zara Jaber - Grace Poole
Susan Jameson - Miss. Temple
Megs Jenkins - Mrs. Fairfax
Frank Mills - Innkeeper
John Phillips - Mr. Brocklehurst
Isabelle Rosin - Adele
Juliet Waley - Jane as a child
Geoffrey Whitehead - St. John Rivers

Jane Eyre (1970) (Television)
UK, U.S.A., Color
Directed by Delbert Mann
Screenplay by Jack Pulman

George C. Scott - Edward Rochester
Susannah York - Jane Eyre
Ian Bannen - St. John Rivers
Jack Hawkins - Mr. Brocklehurst
Nyree Dawn Porter - Blanche Ingram
Rachel Kempson - Mrs. Fairfax
Kenneth Griffith - Mason
Peter Copley - John
Clive Morton - Mr. Eshton
Fanny Rowe - Mrs. Eshton
Susan Lawe - Amy
Angharad Rees - Louise
Carl Bernard - Lord Ingram
Nan Munro - Lady Ingram
Hugh Latimer - Colonel Dent
Sheila Brownrigg - Mrs. Dent
Sara Gibson - Jane Eyre as a Child
Jean Marsh - Mrs. Rochester
Jeremy Child - Harry Lynn
Peter Blythe - Frederick Lynn
Helen Goss - Lady Lynn
Louise Pajo - Mary Lugram
Kara Wilson - Diana Rivers
Michele Dotrice - Mary Rivers
Lockwood West - Reverend Wood
Barbara Young - Miss Scatherd
Rosalyn Landor - Helen Burns
Helen Lindsay - Miss Temple
Sharon Rose - Adele
Anna Korwin - Sophie
Stella Tanner - Grace Poole
Arthur Howard - Doctor
Patrick Jordan - Estate Agent
Shirley Steedman - Maid
Julia Nelson - Housekeeper

Jane Eyre (1963) (Television)
UK, Color
Directed by Rex Tucker
Screenplay by Constance Cox

Ann Bell - Jane Eyre
Richard Leech - Mr. Rochester
Elsie Arnold - Mrs. Fairfax
Rachel Clay - Jane Eyre as a child
Justine Lord - Blanche Ingram
Nan Marriott-Watson - Grace Poole
Elaine Pratt - Adele
William Russell - St. John Rivers

Jane Eyre (1961) (Television)
U.S.A., Black and White
Directed by Marc Daniels
Screenplay by Michael Dyne

Sally Ann Howes - Jane Eyre
Laurie Main - St. John Rivers
Bibi Osterwald - Grace Poole
Barbara Robbins - Mrs. Fairfax
Zachary Scott - Edward Rochester
Fritz Weaver - Mason

Jane Eyre (1956) (Television)
UK, Black and White
Directed by Campbell Logan
Screenplay by Constance Cox and Ian Dallas

Daphne Slater - Jane Eyre
Stanley Baker - Mr. Rochester
Barbara Everest - Mrs. Fairfax
Jane Hardie - Blanche Ingram
Jane Henderson - Grace Poole
Eric Lander - St. John Rivers
Valerie Smith - Adele
Jennifer Wright - Mary Rivers

Sangdil (1952)
Also known as Jane Eyre
India, Black and White
Directed R.C. Talwar

Dilip Kumar - Shankar
Madhubala - Kamal
Shammi - Mohini
Leela Chitnis - Dhaayi Maa

Jane Eyre (1944)
U.S.A., Black and White
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Screenplay by John Houseman, Aldous Huxley, Henry Koster and Robert Stevenson

Orson Welles - Edward Rochester
Joan Fontaine - Jane Eyre
Margaret O'Brien - Adele Varens
Peggy Ann Garner - Jane Eyre (younger)
John Sutton - Dr. Rivers
Sara Allgood - Bessie
Henry Daniell - Henry Brocklehurst
Agnes Moorehead - Mrs. Reed
Aubrey Mather - Colonel Dent
Edith Barrett - Mrs. Fairfax
Barbara Everest - Lady Ingram
Hillary Brooke - Blanche Ingram

Jane Eyre (1934)
U.S.A., Black and White
Directed by Christy Cabanne
Screenplay by Adele Comandini

Virginia Bruce - Jane Eyre
Colin Clive - Edward Rochester
Beryl Mercer - Mrs. Fairfax
David Torrence - Mr. Brocklehurst
Aileen Pringle - Lady Blanche Ingram
Edith Fellows - Adele Rochester
John Rogers - Sam Poole
Jean Darling - Jane Eyre as a Child
Lionel Belmore - Lord Ingram
Jameson Thomas - Charles Craig
Ethel Griffies - Grace Poole
Claire Du Brey - Bertha Rochester
William Burress - Minister
Joan Standing - Daisy
Richard Quine - John Reed

Jane Eyre (1921)
U.S.A., Black and White, Silent
Directed by Hugo Ballin
Screenplay by Hugo Ballin

Norman Trevor - Mr. Rochester
Mabel Ballin - Jane Eyre
Crauford Kent - St. John Rivers
Emily Fitzroy - Grace Poole
John Webb Dillon - Mason
Louis R. Grisel - John Eyre
Stephen Carr - John Reed
Venie Atherton - Miss Fairfax
Elizabeth Arians - Mrs. Rochester
Harlan Knight - Mr. Breckelhurst
Helen Miles - Burns
Julia Hurley - Rivers' Maid
Sadie Mullen - Miss Ingram
June Ellen Terry - Adele
Florence Flagler - Miss Mason
Bertha Kent - Mr. Rochester's Maid
Marie Schaefer - Mrs. Reed

Jane Eyre (1915)
U.S.A., Black and White, Silent
Directed by Frank Hall Crane

Herbert Barrington
Kate Bruce
Kenneth Davenport
Alan Hale
Gretchen Hartman
Laura La Varnie
Franklin Ritchie
Hector Sarno
Louise Vale
Helen Wright

Jane Eyre (1914)
U.S.A., Black and White, Silent
Directed by Frank Hall Crane

Ethel Grandin
Irving Cummings
John McCabe
Miss Burke
Mrs. Hempstone
Lois Alexander
Marie Hazelton
Margery Wilson

Jane Eyre (1914)
U.S.A., Black and White, Silent
Directed by Martin Faust

Lisbeth Blackstone
John Charles
Mary Fry Clements
Irving Cummings
Viola Allen Frayne
Ethel Grandin
Alan Hale
Harrish Ingraham
Alberta Roy
Dallas Tyler

Jane Eyre (1910)
U.S.A., Black and White
Directed by Mario Caserini and Theodore Marston
Screenplay by Theodore Marston

Marie Eline - Jane Eyre as a Child
Gloria Gallop - Georginia Reed
Frank Hall Crane - Lord Rochester
Martin Faust - Uncle Reed
Charles Compton - John Reed
Amelie Barleon - Insane Mrs. Rochester

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