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The Jury
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Web Links

The British legal system

Law in the UK: The British Legal System
The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organization for educational and cultural relations. This page of their Web site offers a history of the British legal system and the court system in England and Wales, and includes a breakdown of the criminal and civil courts. Links are also available to pages about the courts of Scotland, the law and the Constitution, European community law, British legal processes and the law and young people.

The British Government: A Brief Overview
This site gives an outline of the system of government as it exists in Britain. Sub-headings link to pages which go into more depth on subjects such as the monarchy, parliament, the political party system, and the British legal and criminal justice systems. Published by, LLC, a privately held company.

English Law
This research guide serves as an introduction to the basics of English law. Some comparative notes are included as well as a simplified diagram of the structure of the English court system. Information is also provided about statutes, case law, treaties, digests and more. From Duke University School of Law Library.

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The Old Bailey

The Proceedings of The Old Bailey
A wealth of information about the Old Bailey is accessible here at 'The Old Bailey Proceedings Online Project'. This well-illustrated site presents details on the historical and legal background of trials at the Old Bailey, a searchable digitized collection of Old Bailey Proceedings from 1674 to 1834, digital images of the original pages, links to materials relating to trials and a special section for schools.

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The Sikhs

Sikhs in England
This site, created by the Sikhs in England Trust to address the needs of Sikhs living in England, features news, events and current activities, but also provides links to pages that describe the Sikh religion and it's roots, the birth of Sikhism, a personal account of a Christian who converted to Sikhism and more.

Sikhs with Faith in Britain
This article considers the Sikh Community in London. The report presents a brief evaluation of the assimilation of Sikhs into the English culture from the first Punjab immigrants in the late 1940s to personal stories of Sikhs living in London today. From the London Evening Standard newspaper, July 1999.

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From the "Oxford Modern Britian" series.

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