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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1 | Plot revealed below!

The year is 1751 and Scotland is coming to terms with bloody defeat and occupation by the English. Meanwhile, in a tiny Scottish Lowland village, Davie Balfour is orphaned when his father Alexander is crushed by a tree. Just before he dies, Alexander gives Davie a dagger and tells him that he must claim his rightful inheritance of a great landed estate from an uncle he never knew. After a perilous journey, Davie finds his reclusive and eccentric uncle Ebenezer. As soon as Davie mentions the inheritance, Ebenezer tries to send Davie to his death. Failing that, he has Davie kidnapped and enslaved aboard a ship bound for America. Amidst a crew of cutthroats, Davie despairs of ever seeing Scotland again. Then the ship runs down a boat carrying the notorious swashbuckling Highland hero, Alan Breck. Despite being hopelessly outnumbered, Alan and Davie form a pact to fight their way off the ship. They succeed but are separated in the ensuing conflagration. Washed ashore, Davie now finds himself in the Highlands, a wild and alien place compared to his native Lowlands. He chances across Alan again after witnessing the assassination of a tax collector for King George. Suspected of conspiracy in the murder, the two flee through the Highlands pursued by ruthless English bounty hunters under the icy command of Colonel MacNab. Alan and Davie seek refuge with the clan of James of the Glens, who is weary of rebellion and reluctant to shelter them. Here Davie meets James's beautiful but willful daughter, Catriona. When the Redcoats reappear, Alan and Davie depart leaving James to be charged with treason in their place.

Episode 2 | Plot revealed below!

Alan and Davie outsmart and outrun the bounty hunters. But just when they think they're safe, they get captured by a group of wild-looking men dressed in animal skins. Cannibals? Hardly. Alan and Davie have fallen into the hands of Cluny, a famous Highland hero and old friend of Alan's. Once a Highland Chief with a fine castle, he now heads a guerrilla band fighting the occupying Redcoats. Alan learns that James of the Glens has been arrested and is to be hanged. Davie tries to convince Alan to save James, but Alan hesitates -- until Catriona, who has been tracking Alan, uses a musket to convince him that he should help her father. The bounty hunters suddenly reappear, and the three take to the hills, making their way to Queensferry, where Davie seeks out his old family lawyer, Mr. Rankeillor. As James is being led to the gallows, Rankeillor stops the execution and makes a deal with MacNab: if he lets James go free, MacNab can have the notorious rebel Alan Breck. Eager to get his hands on Breck, MacNab accepts. However, before Alan will sacrifice himself, he insists that he must help Davie claim his rightful inheritance from his uncle. Together they fool Ebenezer into confessing his crime in front of Rankeillor. With this matter settled, it's now Alan's turn to mount the gallows. It looks like auld lang syne for Alan -- until Davie and Catriona spring their dramatic rescue...

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