The Last Enemy Behind the Scenes Video

Stephen enters London through airport security
"I wanted to include a situation that the audience would be familiar with and therefore see the story as part of their world — so our hero goes through airport security... This dilemma of keeping us safe from dangerous individuals while preserving the freedom of individuals is at the heart of our story. What happens when those measures spill out of the airport and encroach on our daily lives?"

The church scene with Stephen and Eleanor
"It was the phone call that writers dread: 'We didn't get the church scene.' I can't remember the reason: weather, technical problems, but I do remember it included the detail of an air ambulance being called to take one of the crew to the hospital. It was of course followed shortly by the second phone call that all writers dread: 'Do we really need the scene?' Thankfully, in a cut down version of the original, the scene was shot at a later date."

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