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Episode 4
Stephen and Yasim continue their pursuit of the truth about the tainted vaccine. After he has a blinding revelation, Stephen soon finds himself stripped of his identity and homeless.

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Stephen comes face to face with his brother Michael — whom he buried just days earlier., Despite Stephen's claims that Yasim is safe, Michael remains suspicious and follows Stephen to Russell's hideout. Hearing someone being electrocuted on the protective fence, Stephen fears it is his brother, but it is instead the assassin who has been tailing Yasim.

Michael emerges out of the shadows and is reunited with Yasim. Russell is shocked to learn of Michael, but angry they have compromised him and his hideout, so he destroys it and leaves them to fend for themselves.

Nye and Gibbon visit a detention center where a refugee has died from the mysterious virus and find Cooper there, about to perform an autopsy. Nye makes some calls and a clean-up team arrives to remove the body.

Michael persuades the furious Yasim and Stephen to work with him. He's narrowed the tainted vaccine down to one batch — EZ759 — and wants to blow the conspiracy of silence open. But they need a blood sample from a sick refugee who came in with Michael, which means getting to them before Bepa helps them disappear.

They arrive at the station just as an alarm sounds and the refugees are removed by police. Michael and Yasim slip away but Stephen is taken to Eleanor. She tells him that Inquirendo will fund the next five years of his research if he leaves now. Thinking he's lost Yasim, Stephen reluctantly agrees, but as he reaches the airport he has a revelation.

When Turney and Eleanor learn Stephen didn't get his flight they use TIA to strip him of the ability to use his ID. Wafa, an anti ID activist, shows Stephen the "swamp," a place where the new ID-less underclass gather.

Within 12 hours of having his ID taken away, Stephen is a shell of his former self. Desperate for help, he goes to see Cooper, and is shocked to find Yasim there. Cooper is abducted on his way downstairs to see them.

Reunited with Michael at an outdoor market, Stephen explains his theory about the refugees. The EZ759 vaccine has an internal tag and it was this that set off the alarm at the train station. Michael reveals some shocking news of his own, just as the market is ripped apart by a massive explosion.

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