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The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
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The Case
An overview, timeline and map detail the crime and the subsequent investigation of the case that has rocked Great Britian.

... After it is announced that "dramatic" new evidence has been discovered, the inquest into the murder is adjourned, pending further police investigation, The Lawrence family's legal team had received a report of a confession by Luke Knight; the report, however, proves to be untrue.

The murder occurred in 1993. The film covers events through 1998. What's happened since?

... Pauline and Stephen Dobson, parents of prime suspect Gary Dobson ... were held on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Although Dobson's parents were released on bail the next day, police have continued to pursue the case. As recently as December 4, 2001, they detained Darren Davies, cousin of prime suspect David Norris, at his workplace in south London and questioned him about the 1993 incident...

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